Seasonal Decor

Christmas 2013


Christmas 2012

Stairway Swags

Festive Coffee Filter Wreath
Christmas Mantle

Christmas 2011

Spring 2012


  1. What state are you from? The photos are awesome and they look so peaceful. You are blessed to live there. This is the first visit to your page. LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks! We're in the great State of Iowa. ;)

  3. I've just discovered your blog today and have spent the last hour enjoying your site. My favorite is your How Now Brown Cow sign and I don't think the "brown" looks off at all.

  4. This is my first time here also , everything is so beautiful and the out side is so welcoming , ill be visiting often to see what else you done

  5. I am highly impressed by this blog! After a long time I have seen such kind of stunning blog! Jim


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