Hi!  I'm Laura.

The blogger behind the blog.

Lover of a REDEEMING Father.

Wife to a WONDERFUL husband of 15 years.

Mother of 6 AMAZING kids.

My motto through it all:

Dream big.  Pray big.  
Trust God.

In July of 2007, our family moved into my dream home.

A 1905 Victorian perched on top of a rolling hill
in the midst of the bean and corn fields of Iowa.

I had big dreams for an even bigger house.

Circa 1900s
With its frosted and leaded glass windows
along with its original hardwood floors, solid wood doors,
and antique door knobs,
it was love at first sight for a history buff like me.

I remember standing in the yard the day we closed
and finally having the feeling that had been missing from the other places we had lived.

I took a deep breath, looked around at our spacious acreage
and thought, "We are home."

I was absolutely blind to all the work ahead of us.

The overgrown yard...

The lack of landscaping...

The front porch ripped off years before...

Cracking plaster walls...

Scuffed hardwood floors...

Cheap and inept remodeling by previous owners...

Five years later,
I finally had to no choice but to take off the rose colored glasses.

I was overwhelmed.

We were the classic example of buying an older home
with really no clue as to what we were getting into,
having always lived in new builds.

Flat broke...


And, oh so tired...

With the never ending things still left to do,
not to mention the stuff that kept breaking or needing replaced,
I had begun to hate the house that I once had fallen head over heels for.

I wanted a divorce from this money pit, but couldn't afford it.


It was then that I had a choice to make.

I could give up or I could work hard.

I've never been a quitter, so some things had to change.


I started blogging in July of 2011 as a way to motivate myself
and hold myself accountable to get the work done.

Little did I know the great friends and
the fantastic inspiration I would find.

Blogging opened up a whole new world to me.

What I expected was a one person journey.

Instead, I have blessed with wonderful
cheerleaders, motivators, and life long friends.


Over the past couple of years...

I have learned to do much with little.

I have been taught that fantastic spaces don't have to cost a fortune.

But maybe most importantly, I have learned to trust myself.

Whether it be transforming furniture from thrift stores and auctions...

DIY remodeling projects....

Making things to decorate my home instead of buying...

Or learning to take a leap of faith and try something new...

I have learned to not be afraid of failure.

To think, "Yes, I can." instead of "I can't.".

To believe in myself and what I'm capable of doing.

Room by room, I am falling in love with our old house again,
in the process of making a house our home.

One day at a time.

I hope you'll join me on the journey!


  1. You were FULL of true talent and you just didn't know it yet :)

    Love&Hugs ~ Lilo

  2. Just found your blog... love it! Thanks for sharing tutorials, I just fell in love with your rosettes ( and a few other, no , EVERY other thing)!

  3. I have followed you for quite awhile now. Absolutely love your work, you are very talented and blessed!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  4. I check back once a week,to see what you are up to,and always finding some inspiration..someday....maybe my blog will become more professional in appearance...I'll juat keep working on it......love your recent auction finds...and darn the table theive

  5. Now following your beautiful blog! So glad you linked up to the Cowgirl Up party!!

  6. I was so happy to read your blog today....I am a transplant from the south to the midwest, and we finally decided to put down roots and buy an old farmhouse. hello??? So, I am inspired and intrigued by your honesty and faith. Thanks for the encouragement....and I will be checking in regularly to see what is going on in "your neck of the woods"...:)

  7. Aw you really inspire me! I love to blog but I really need to keep up with it more because I love crafting, DIY and everything thrifty but I have not blogged alot lately because our second son was born just recently and I have been so busy with two! But I really want to love where we live again and start doing more DIY and thrifty things around the home. I love all your decor and projects :) My husband is also a USMC veteran. He got out a couple years ago. Please tell your daughters husband, thank you for his service and god bless!

  8. I just found your blog & can't wait to start from the beginning reading it! My husband & I just bought a 1905 Foursquare that we are remodeling. We also live in Iowa. :)

  9. I just found your blog and am loving it! I live in an old farmhouse too (not quite as old as yours) and I so know that overwhelmed feeling. I also just started blogging and am amazed at the whole blogging world. It is so helpful and inspirational! I also share your faith in Christ and am amazed at how many bloggers are faithful followers of Christ. Thanks for all the inspiration and decorating ideas! I've temporarily taken a break from remodeling to decorate for Christmas and having a blast. Merry Christmas!

  10. oh wow, I am so happy to have found you! My first project is the drop cloth duvet cover, I cannot wait until my dropcloth order arrives. lol. Only one question, what is or where did you get the picture of that little tree on the wall in your bedroom picture, it is awesome and so are you.


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