Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top 5 in 2013 {And A Special Thank You to YOU.)

Well, y'all...

I thought I could at least do a quickie post this morning.

How about my Top 5 posts from 2013?

Funnily enough, they're all pretty much all my faves too!

Starting the countdown with #5 is our

I am still in love with the summery yellow color and horizontal stripes,

Note to self:

Make sure homemade wall art has secure wiring to hang it.

Mine broke and the heavy wood shattered the top of the toilet.


The next one kind of surprised me a bit, 
once I started looking back at view numbers.

Coming in at #4 was my homemade centerpieces for my in-law's 
50th Anniversary celebration.

(Which I totally missed when our granddaughter was born.)

But, I will say that my MIL said everyone was gushing over them
and a few even wanted to take them home!

So, there was some satisfaction in hearing that, even if I couldn't be there
to experience their enjoyment of the decor (or take any pictures).

And considering how cheap and easy they were to make,
it was a win-win!

Number 3 we are still loving, even after being in our new space for 6 months.

And just yesterday, I was contacted by to be part
of their Romantic Bedroom series for February.

How cool is that?

Now, if we could actually keep the kids sleeping in their OWN room,
there might be more romance actually happening.

I had a hard time coming up with a quote for them!


Runner Up for 2013's Top 5 was my first magazine feature
and I was thrilled to death to be part of the premiere issue of

This room is probably the first time 
I really went with what I personally like.

And it just goes to show that when you stay true to yourself 
instead of trying to impress others, you create some of your best work!

The same was true for my #1 post for the year...

I know for those of you who follow me, it'll be no surprise
that my top viewed post for 2013 with 17,049 individual page views
and too many pins and features to count is...

And I still love going into her room...

Although it hasn't been this magazine-perfect clean in months.


You pretty much have to pick your way across the room to avoid
discarded clothes (she changes at least 3 times before she decides on an outfit)
and toys.

And to think I managed to do it all in a couple of weeks with zero budget!

Sure wish I could find that get up and go to finish our living room!

It has yet to be painted!


If you find my motivation, let me know where it is!


So, to round this post out, here are a couple personal faves
that didn't get nearly as much attention, but I still love:

Probably because you've got to be an Iowa fan to love the
black and gold, but my sons' friends love their room.

Of course if they actually kept it clean, that'd be great.


The floor looks like a minefield of debris after them all being home
for Christmas break.

*keeping it real*

And finally my personal, ABSOLUTE favorite  thing that happened this year...

Even through all the ups and downs...

And the scariness of it all...

This post is such a great reminder to me
of the unconditional love and friendship we share in blogland...

The kindness of strangers...

The prayers of thousands...

And the strength that our Father bestows when we need it most:

The update post of our grandaughter Natalie's healing and eventual full recovery
from Bacterial Pneumonia.

Natalie: 1 month old
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Vidant Children's Hospital
Greenville, North Carolina
Whenever I need to be reminded of the goodness in this world, the love of our Father,
and power of the faith and prayers of thousands, I read this post.

Off the ventilator for the first time, after 5 days
of intubation and paralytics.

I still get teary-eyed when I think of all the love and support you all
showed our family during those 2 very difficult weeks when
we weren't sure that the birth we had celebrated just a month earlier
would be followed so quickly by the unthinkable.

From Angelina at  JoJo and Eloise for her Flowers For Natalie to 
Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage for her auction and all
the countless others...

You know who you are.

Family, friends, and strangers alike that supported us all
with their prayers, kind words, and financial donations to
help our family through such a difficult time...

Thank you will never, ever be enough.

I think of you all often, with gratitude and love
that you will never truly know.


Today, our Talie is a happy healthy 7 month old,
who is adored my her momma and daddy.

She has learned to sit up on her own, is crawling, and has started babbling,
"Ma-Ma-Ma, Da-Da-Da, and Ba-Ba-Ba."

We're still waiting on some teeth to make their appearance,
but that hasn't stopped her from eating tiny pieces of solid food.

Talie has a great big belly laugh and thinks a telephone is her "Meme"
from all the times I talk to her on it.

No one can talk to me on the phone without her screeching in excitement and
bouncing up and down wanting to get ahold of the phone.

There isn't a day that we aren't reminded how blessed we are
that the Lord answered our fervent prayers with, "Yes."

And that our hearts don't break when others aren't so blessed.

It could have just as easily been us.

And we never forget it.

The gratitude we feel for all of those who were
with us during such a heart-wrenching time can never be expressed.

Although, I have tried many times, I still feel like my words fall short
of truly expressing our thankfulness.




Here's to a new year in 2014.

A year to take stock and remember what's truly important in life.




And remembering that the rest is just icing.

Love to you all and always...


  1. So nice to hear from you. I know you've got the indoor waterfall to deal with and I have an idea of what that entails... we have had our share of plumbing issues, I am so, so sorry!!!! I feel for you. At least it's clean water? hehehe. Gotta laugh right?

    Love all that you've done!! All the bedrooms look amazing. The boys included. You worked wonders in there and made a shared room, rocking!! Your article in Southern Belle was so good. I'm excited for your bedroom feature next.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014! And Tallie is getting SO big. I follow "her" on instagram so I see lots of updates.
    Hugs, xo Lilo

  2. So thankful for the update on Natalie. So good to know how good she is doing - God is good! I enjoyed your reveiw too. Some of my favorite posts too :)


  3. Wonderful to read this post!!! :) Love you! And Loved your projects from 2013!!!

  4. What a ride its been this year! The best ever is that Natalie is healthy and happy and loves her Grandma!
    Miss you girl!
    Hope to see you around here soon...I know how busy those kiddos keep you! I remember thinking how much easier and calmer things would be when they got older..WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!! LOL!


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