Friday, November 1, 2013

Along For The Ride: Wall Art For Your New Space

Hey Y'all!

After an unexpected break in the series, I'm finally back.

{You can read about the why HERE.}


This is the 5th part of the series that teaches you how to decorate like a blogger.

Let's get started on DAY 5!

The biggest tip I can give you about decorating like a blogger is:


Don't shop out of the box.


Make whatever you can because it's only then that your true personality
can shine through and your space will really feel like yours.

True originality can't be bought at TJ Maxx or Homegoods.

Although they do have some really cool stuff
that you can mix in with the items you make.

For our living room makeover, I made a most of the things 
that are hanging on the walls.

Mostly, I get ideas off Pinterest and then put my own spin on it.


I want to apologize for the picture quality.

We've had 3 days of cloudy skies/rain here 
and it's been impossible to get decent pictures with how dreary it's been.

Plus, it's really hard to hide the rest of the room and just take pics of what I want to show.



My first piece of wall art was inspired by a blogger that I totally adore.

These were super cool horse wall art by Cami at Tidbits.


Of course, I don't have a special story like she does about her horses, but I do live in Iowa.

And I did want to go with a farm style feel.

So, what did I go with?

Cows, what else?

Mine are a little more rustic than Cami's, 
because I used discarded deck boards for the boards.

Thankfully, my friend Natalie can operate a circular saw like a boss,
so we made short work of cutting them to size, 
although I purposely didn't line the boards up completely straight
for a more rustic feel.

Behind the scenes:

The picture above had a major oops.

I got the boards stained, the cow painted, and it hung on the wall 
before I realized that I painted both of the cows facing the same direction.


So, I had to strip the paint off, restain, and repaint the cow.


Silver Lining:  The 2nd cow ended up looking better than the first.


Gotta laugh at yourself occasionally or you'd beat your head against
the wall when you do stuff like that.


It happens to everyone.  

Just keep your sense of humor.


The 3rd piece of wall art I painted actually was a shelf
from the hutch we stupidly tore out of the kitchen.


You can still see the peeling original paint peeping out around the edges.

I took me a few days to decide what I wanted the sign to say.

Since we spend a lot of family time together in our living room,
I though this was the perfect sign to make.

And the 4th thing I made was inspired by a picture 
I found on Pinterest, that was for sale on Etsy.

{Of course now that I'm ready to blog about it, I can't find it on Pinterest anymore.}

I loved the idea of a tree, since that's how we make our living and
I really loved the fun-ness of it.

And since I had that piece of plywood chalkboard that I bought a few weeks ago,
I decided to use chalk, instead of trying to paint it.

The cool thing about the chalkboard is,
when I get tired of it, I can just change it.


And on the opposite wall, I kept the circular pattern with 
these swatch portraits made with scrap fabric and oval/circular 
embroidery hoops.

I love the bright pops of fun colors mixed with
more neutral cream and beige.

The yellow actually has little white polka-dots
and the cream/blue fabric is textured, although you can't see them in the picture.

{Very poor picture quality due to lighting.}

Embroidery hoops are super cheap 
and can be found at any thrift store.

The small ones were $0.50 and the largest ovals were $2.00.

I bought every single one that our thrift shop had.

Such a fun thrifty way to decorate an entire wall!

And finally, one of my favorite pieces that I've ever made,
migrated from our summer mantle to our living room.

You can find the tutorial HERE.

Unfortunately, shortly after I took this picture, I broke it.

I was attempting to tuck the little piece of rope at the top behind the picture
and the chair I was standing on tipped over.

I fell against the armoire it's on, shook it, and it fell off and shattered.



Stuff happens.

I'm hoping I can salvage it without the glass in it.

We'll see.

What a bummer!


Maybe I'll just make something to replace it
and I'll like it even more.

Silver Lining!



Long story, short:

When you're decorating your space, make wall art that reflects YOU.

That is the biggest trick to making your space unique
and something that you'll absolutely love.



  1. Awesome! Love your wall art!!! Thank you for sharing this post with us!!!

  2. Wow Laura, so much wisdom and truth in those words!! I finally figured out my style when I had no budget and had to either make it myself or dig it up on our property. Luckily, my grandfather saved everything from trim, doors and windows to feedsacks so I have a lot to chose from here but it has made all the difference in the world. Love all your creative ideas, and your trim is to die for:-)


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