Sunday, November 3, 2013

Along For The Ride: Transform Your Furniture!

Welcome to the series 
where you learn to decorate like a blogger!

I'm showing you step by step how to transform a room
into a space that you'll love!

I am so excited to share with you DAY 6!


Because this is my true passion.

And I never realized it until I began trying to makeover my home on a budget.

I absolutely LOVE transforming a piece of outdated, discarded furniture
into something that can be loved once again!

I get a huge kick out of taking something that someone discarded
because it's "ugly" and making it fit into our home.

TIP #1:  Don't look at what something IS, look at what it CAN BE.

Flat out...

Furniture today is made like crap.

Pure T crap.

It doesn't last.

It falls apart.

And if you're lucky, you might get 5 years out of it.

Unless, of course, you're spending thousands to furnish your home.

Tip #2:  Shop thrift stores and auctions for affordable, well made furniture.

A fantastic option to get well made pieces of furniture
is to look at thrift stores and at auctions.

Sure, they're outdated.

But the quality cannot be beat!

They just don't make things like they used to do.

Something might look ugly in its original state but...

All it takes is a little time and effort and VIOLA!

Tip #3:  Paint can transform anything!

You have a piece that will last for a life time
and is unique to you and your home.

I got this particular armoire at an auction.

Solid oak.

And paid $75.00 for it.

With the invention of chalk paint, painting furniture 
does not have to be some huge endeavor.

No sanding.

No priming.

Just paint, sand the finish, wax, and you're done.

I have used many chalk paint products.

When I can afford it,
I use La Craie chalk paint.

That's the one I prefer and it was used on the piece above.

I've used Annie Sloan.

It's good, but IMO it's not as good as La Craie.

But when I can't afford it or I'm in a rush to do a project,
I mix my own using this recipe:

It was given to me by Valerie from 2nd Essence and it works like a charm!

The thing I love about it is,
you can use any color you want and your not bound by
what your chalk paint retailer sells.

I have painted many, many pieces of furniture
(much to Scott's consternation because he's a man and he likes his natural wood finish)
and I absolutely love how it can transform a piece!

Take this solid cherry buffet for example...

We won this at an auction for $35.00.



First I decided to paint it with Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone:

I switched out the hardware and loved the light and bright look.


What I didn't like was that the paint kept flaking, flaking, flaking...

And it really wasn't looking all that great.

That's what the paint is designed to do, so it's not the paint's fault.

I just didn't like how it ended up looking.

So, with getting a new TV (bout time!),
I decided to paint it before Scott came home with it.

It now looks like this:

It's a very fun, fresh look for our living room!

I'm getting use to it, since it's a different look than I'm used to.

But, the cool thing is...

It's only paint.

I can change it whenever I'm ready.

Personally, I find that dark furniture depresses me.

I like light, bright, and fun.

With this particular piece, I fell in love the the lines and details.

I paid quite a bit for it, even though it was scratched 
and the finish was bubbling off in places.

I believe I paid $145.00 for it at an auction.

A little paint treatment after sanding off all the peeling varnish...

and it's perfect for our home!

For this piece, I used a homemade white chalk paint for the exterior,
with some left over Annie Sloan (ASCP) in Provence for the interior.

The white really makes all the little details stand out!

Now, it truly reflects my style and the feeling I want for our home.

Tip #4:  Shop your house.

Whether it be furniture or decoration, move things around.

Leaving things in the same places can make them feel old and stale.

You'll get tired of them faster.

Moving items around and grouping them in different arrangements
will make them feel new to you again.

Take for example this chippy old cupboard that I bought 
two years ago for $125.00 from

Originally, I bought it during my office makeover and 
I used it to store all my crafting supplies.

But when I turned my office back into the dining room,
I moved it to the living room.

I like it much better than how I had this particular corner before:

You can't underestimate how much changing things up and
moving items around can really change how you view your space.

Sometimes, that's all you need to do, 
instead of going out and buying all new furnishings or decor.

And it's much cheaper too!


I hope you'll stay tuned tomorrow for the mini-reveal 
of our Living Room.

Since the painting is put on hold until we get Jaeger
house trained, you'll be able to see the before we paint pics!


This morning, Jaeger whimpered at the door to go out!


We're gettin' there!

{Thank goodness!  LOL!}

Until tomorrow...


  1. Thanks for the paint recipe. Spent a big chunk of last weekend searching for one. This I like... I know what plaster of Paris is :-)Will be mixing some up!!! Have a night stand to redo in the master.
    Luv all your painted pieces Laura!
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Wow, love all your updating. Must say, I love the last peice you posted and the mason jars!

    Hope your Monday is blessed!

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