Monday, November 11, 2013

Along For The Ride: Putting It All Together {Living Room Mini Reveal}


I sure have done a poor job with blogging lately, haven't I?

I suppose with everything that's going on, I'm in a blogging slump.

Sorry, y'all!

I spend my days chasing Jaeger...

to keep him from peeing, pooing, chewing, and mauling cats.

I never thought a puppy could be a full time job!


But we are enjoying him, even if it means things are put on hold for a while
or not done as quickly as they would be otherwise.

So, this is what?

Day 7 of the Along For The Ride Series?

I think that's about right.

You can find...

Today, we're going to put it all together for a mini-reveal.

(Since Puppy v. Painting just doesn't work for me.  LOL!)

As soon as I can, I'll paint the living room, 
but I'm waiting until Jaeger is house trained.

Then, you'll REALLY be able to see how paint can transform a room!


Just for a refresher,  here's where we started in 2007:

And my very first attempt at decorating with thrift store stuff in 2011,
when I decided to get away from the nautical/beachy items
that came with us from the East Coast when we moved here.

*hangs head in embarrassment*

The following pictures are Before and Afters of each section of
our living room, since I started our living room makeover a month ago:



It's a much lighter and farm fresh look.

I kept the drop cloth curtains because I love them!

(and because they tie in with the all the drop cloth pillows I made.)

They are so durable and easy to wash.

The decision to put the TV in front of the bay window was a hard one,
but we desperately needed more seating for our family.

The only way to move in more chairs was to put the
credenza in front of the window.

That's one of the hard things about living in a 1905 home...

This room was originally meant to be a dining room, so even though it's
the biggest room downstairs, it's also long and narrow.

That makes arranging furniture kind of a pain.

So, everyone likes it much better this way, even if I do hate to block the windows.




I love my cow silhouette pictures!!!!

(Thanks to Cami at Tidbits for the inspiration!)

They are one of my favorite elements of the space!




And all of those items I got at the thrift found a new home 
in the secretary I won at an auction.

(The vintage books were $2.00 for two entire boxes at an auction.)

I  am also finally somewhat satisfied with the back end of the living room.

It's a weird space to have to decorate, but the after is by far better than the before.



I moved the armoire from the north wall to the west wall,
replaced the plain chairs with painted ones I bought at
Junk Jubilee in Des Moines two years ago,
and added a a lady's writing desk.

I thought about adding another rug to the floor,
but with the foot traffic, food/drinks from the kitchen through the swinging door,
it just didn't seem like a smart idea.


The armoire was originally in the back northeast corner behind the table.



And now our chippy cupboard takes up that space.

All in all, I'm happy with our new living room.

There's more seating for all of us and it's easy to move around in.

Here's some quick tips on how to decorate your space:

1.  Move things around several times before you determine what you like.

I tried four different placements of the furniture before I found one that worked.

2.  Hang pictures at EYE LEVEL.

The most common mistake in decorating is hanging things on your wall too high.

Especially with high ceilings like we have (I think they're 10 ft),
I have to watch myself about the placement.

3.  When arranging items on shelves/table tops, treat each section as a mini-vignette.

Mini-vignettes placed all together make up the big picture.

4.  Don't be afraid to try something new.

Different is good!

Step out of your comfort zone and try, try again...

And before you know it, you'll have a space that truly is uniquely YOU.

And that's what we all want to come home to, right?


  1. Well, there you are! I love the looks of your living room. No wonder you have been away-redoing a room and a new puppy takes up a lot of time! Have a great week- xo Diana

  2. oh Laura, It looks Amazing! I love that chalkboard tree art...(meaning..I might have to steal it..LOL) and I love the cozy feel the room has now. It feels like you can just plop down with a book and a blankie on a COLD MIDWESTERN winter night OR day..LOL! I love how the room is so SOFT now. You did a great job and YES a puppy is like having a new baby...So I can see how it is a full time job! Good thing he is so cute! :)
    Miss you girl, its quiet without you around..:)

  3. so much lighter and brighter! it looks so good!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful difference you made. I love it all!

    By the way, we just got a dog a couple of weeks ago. She's 3 or 4 but she's very high maintenance too. Last night we went out to do her business and there was a bunny. She went right under the fence chasing that bunny and I had to go retrieve her!

  5. It's looking so pretty. And stop apologizing girl! You have your hands full, and you share when you can. You are not obligated to us. And we love you and are happy to look when you've got something. Is it crazy that I have seen all these changes? Wild right? A long time blogging together Stitch ;) The new look for the TV credenza is amaze balls!!!! (and I never say that!) Hope the weather is holding. I know that Winter can be ruff. HUGS!!!! Lilo

  6. I've been following along and I love the arrangement, I'm sure everyone likes the tv there. I want a new puppy but I think I'll wait till late
    Your is adorable!

  7. looks fab Laura! Did you make those number pillows? They look like drop cloths. Super cool!

  8. Love the changes!! I really like the farmhouse feel that it has to it. So pretty!!

  9. Where did you put my card catalog? On a trailer to bring to me? Yes? Great, toss in the cow art too before you drive north.

  10. Love your family room transformation. And yes, I do like your new seating arrangement…so very cozy! You're right…it's hard to work around these oddly shaped rooms in truly vintage homes, but you did a terrific job!!!

  11. Your farm fresh look is so sweet! Thanks for giving us a peek at it : )


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