Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Sorry! {And Some Exciting Changes!}

A couple of weeks ago, I started a series showing you step by step how to makeover a room...

And then I pretty much disappeared.

Even from Facebook!

I am sooooo sorry!

What can I say?


It happens.

And that's how it pretty much goes when making over any room.

Life still goes on.

It doesn't stop just because you're in the middle of a room makeover.

Even though sometimes I wish it would!


There are still football games, volunteer commitments, laundry to do,
meals to make, children to take care of, and a house to clean.

Then there's the EXCITING stuff!

We've had a few exciting things going on here at Our Prairie Home!

So, that meant that I had to put the Living Room on hold for a couple of weeks.

Remember when I said I was doing a huge cleaning because of some changes
we were going to be making?


They've begun!

And I have been waiting YEARS for this!

{So, I'm not complaining too much!  :D }

Our house when we bought it in 2007, looked like this:


We put in the flag pole, but yep...

It was a horrible Carolina Blue with old slate siding.

In 2008, we replaced all 25 windows and created 8 new construction windows
to replace ones that had been covered up in the center dormer, cupola, and side dormers.

Unfortunately, they had to break the siding to be able to replace them,
so for the last 5 years, our home has looked like this:


But then two weeks ago, we began this:


Scott, Me, our older boys, plus my brother-in-law and nephew 
tore off all that nasty blue siding in one day.



So, just in time for Halloween, our house looked like this:

And then, after we exposed all the original lap siding, it had to come off too.

So, that happened last week.

And this week we're getting insulation blown in:

See all the pretty pink holes?


And now I have a huge pile of insulation in our yard, 
which the kids think makes a perfect fort to climb on.

Now, we're well on our way to getting siding!


Over the next week, the insulation will be completed and house wrap is being put on.

Then the house will sit until spring, when it'll be warm enough to side it.


We have had two new doors installed.

On the side:

And the front:

I am in love with this etched glass tree!

For those of you who don't know, Scott owns/operates are tree service,
so that's why we went with this particular door.


We currently have a new back porch door ordered
and we'll be replacing the upstairs back door with a large window
to let more light into that very dark narrow upstairs hallway.

And for the latest, greatest change...

Four years ago, we lost our beloved Black Lab, Blacky.

A year later, our sweet Tyler, our Golden Retriever passed away.

And we just couldn't bring ourselves to get another dog right away,
since they both were irreplaceable.


Last week was Ian's 13th birthday.

So, we had a house full of 13 year old boys for the party.

And Ian got the German Short-Hair Pointer puppy he's been begging for 3 years.

Meet our newest addition, Jaeger (yay-GER), which is German for hunter.

And he is an absolute doll!


Since it's been about 12 years, since I've had a puppy, 
I'd forgotten how much work they are!

It's like having a new baby in the house!

My days are filled with peeing, pooping, "Don't eat that!", "No biting!",
and lots and lots of play time.

He is a ball of energy!

So, we have to take long walks to burn some of it off.

Pretty much my entire day is spent with making sure he doesn't swallow something
and choke on it - or pee or poop on the floor.

But, he is so worth it!

{However, I will be soooo glad when this stage is over.  LOL!  I'm tired!}

Needless to say, the living room isn't completed.


I have gotten the wall art done.

And the furniture is painted.

Everything is done, but the painting.

And that is going to have to be put off until little Jaeger can
hold his bladder longer than an hour.


But, be sure to stay tuned!

I'll be sharing about how you can create your own art work for your walls
and how painting a furniture can transform a space.

I've basically hung everything up and moved all the furniture in,
just for the sake of my sanity, so you'll get a little mini-reveal
before I paint the walls.

And then you'll be able to see how much wall color can really change a space!

So, bear with me as we've got a whole lot going on,
but I'm still plugging away at it!

Thanks for always being so patient with me!

Love you guys!

Until then...


  1. You have been missed! I can see why you havebeen missing now. WHEW, I am tired just fromm reading your post ;) So much exciting going on. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Wow, wow!! How blessed you are to be able to breathe new life into such a fabulous home! How exciting!! Love your windows:-)

  3. Yep lots going on! Lots of excitement over there. Can not wait to see everything once it is done. Enjoy the next year of puppy life!;)

  4. Wow! That is major stuff! I love your new windows and can't wait to see the exterior when its all said and done. You guys did a great job so far and I'm sure it is going to look fabulous when its done!

  5. No wonder you are tired -- a new puppy alone will do that; but add in a major house project!!! Look forward to see your progress reports. Sally

  6. I want a new puppy but you sure made me think about the training it involves:) Life does happen, don't worry about it, I will be back to see your livingroom transformation.

  7. Wow, Laura- congrats on all you just shared with us! All GREAT news!

    Happy birthday to Ian - I had a GSH years ago - what a smart breed. He was a hunting dog, not a family indoor pet, but was he brilliant.


  8. Laura- Well, you are excused for not being here every day! lol No penalties either! Your house is going to be fabulous. You have waited a long time and your dream for it is finally coming true. It is going to be wonderful.

    Happy Birthday to Ian. What a perfect present for a 13 year old. xo Diana

  9. oh girl!! You have been busy..I need a nap just reading all that! Your house is going to look GORGEOUS in the spring...Its like a really slow Cinderella story..:) LOL oh that puppy...what a cutie...Take your know we will all be here waiting when you get back.

  10. Wow you have had a lot going on. Your new baby is so cute and yes, it is like having a new baby in the house.

  11. WOW!!! Can we say busy!
    I too have been caught up in life. Balancing work and home has been a challenge of late but I am getting my groove on! :-)
    Looking forward to your updates.
    Hugs, Gee

  12. I suppose I could come plop on your couch and puppy sit while watching you paint, since both Jaeger and I need exercise - and the bathroom often - we should get along great.

  13. Amazing transformation already! I can't wait for Spring…and I bet neither can you!

  14. How exciting, although tiring! How blessed you are to have this old house to play with. Love following your experiences!

  15. WOW!!!!!! that is a. big. job. but as the saying goes, "been there done that"..........we renovated an 1800s house once many years ago (pre-children) and it wasn't nearly as big as yours but it felt like it was as big as a hotel. hahaha. House is looking fabulous.......can't wait to see the whole new outside!

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