Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun Festive Autumn Dining Room {Reveal}


I zigged and everyone else zagged this year.


I am LOVING all the neutral fall decorating 
I'm seeing across blogland!

The whites, the beiges, the sages...

It soooooo calls to me!


This year I wanted our autumn decorating to be a little more kid friendly.

They're only little for such a short time and I figured, Lord willing,
I will have plenty of years of decorating just for me.

So, welcome to our fun fall dining room!

Bright and festive is the theme this year!

Oranges for pumpkins.

Bright yellows and reds of the changing leaves.

And blue for the bright blue fall skies that I love.

Full of whimsy.

But I did sneak a little of "my style" in our buffet.

Ball Jars, dried lavender, and bits of rusty shabby goodness.

A straw wreath left natural with a pop of orange chevron
and a large orange gourd resting on top of my grandma's milk bowl.

Old chippy pitchers picked up for a song at the local thrift.

And a reminder to give thanks in ALL things...

And a bright and cheery tablescape...

that ties in wonderfully with our happy fall mantle.

And the little ones love it!




  1. It looks darling, Laura. However, you are wrong about something! Just when you think your decorating for kids is over-along come the grandkids who also love all those bright fun Fall colors. I do a bit of neutral here and there but have Fall colors in the rooms where the kids are- xo Diana

  2. The dining room looks so bright and festive! Love that farm fresh milk sign soooo much!!

  3. We too are in Iowa and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!:)

  4. Such cheerful colors. You've got the gift for sure. Very pretty!

  5. Laura you fall decor is so pretty! Love that pop of color!

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