Monday, October 14, 2013

Along For The Ride: Living Room Makeover {Decorating with No-Sew Pillows TUTORIAL}

Welcome to
Day 4
Our Prairie Home's 
Makeover Series!

How was your weekend?

I hope you had a great one!

I spent Friday making new pillows for the living room makeover.

I spent half of Saturday making new pillows for the living room makeover.

And I spent a portion of Sunday finishing them up.

{Of course that's in between doing the yucky stuff 
like laundry, cleaning, and cooking dinner.}

One thing about decorating on the cheap is...

It takes A LOT of work!

You save money, but making your own items takes time.


The great thing about it is, no one will have items exactly like yours.

As opposed to if you went and bought it from a store.

Your space will truly reflect your unique self!

And that's something that you just can't buy!


On my old blog, I have a tutorial on how I make my No-Sew Pillows.

But, I thought it was high time I had a tutorial on my new blog too.

They are soooooo super simple to make and the sky is the limit with your creativity!

Remember that canvas painter's drop cloth I bought last week?

Every single pillow that will be going into our living room was made out of it.

The 9' x 12' size lasts forever!

This is what you're going to need:


Painter's Drop Cloth
Fabri-Tac Fabric Adhesive by Beacon Adhesives
Fabric Paint of your color choice
Sharpie Marker in Gold
Pillow Insert or Poly-Fil
Needle with a large eye
Stencil Brush

After washing the drop cloth with lots of fabric softener to soften it up,
this is what you're going to do to make the pillow pictured above:

1.  Gather up all the supplies you'll need.

I gathered up tons of stuff because 
I wasn't sure what I was going to do until I did it.

Like I said, I like to wing it.


2.  Print out large number on card stock paper.

Font: Plantagenent Cherokee
Size:  725

3.  Using an X-Acto Knife and scissors, 
cut out your numbers to make a stencil.

4. Place your insert on the drop cloth 
and rip the fabric about 2 inches larger than the insert.
Do this twice.

I used the first piece I ripped to rip the second piece.

No, I don't measure.

And I know that makes real sewers just gasp!


I  also used a feather pillow insert out of some pillows 
that I bought from Target a few years ago .

Make sure one of the edges has the hemmed edged.

You'll leave the hemmed edge intact for a more finished look.

5.  Apply Fabri-Tac along the edge of the drop cloth on 3 sides.
Smooth it out using a paint stir stick or something similar.
Just run it along the bead of Fabri-Tac.
Cover up the piece that you put the adhesive on 
with the second piece of drop cloth.
Be sure to line up your edges.
Press firmly along your adhesive line and let dry.
About 30 minutes.

It will adhere better if you smooth the adhesive out
and you won't have a hard, crunchy seam.

6.    Turn the drop cloth inside out.  If you've done it correctly, 
you should have a pocket to slide the pillow insert into.

It should kind of look like a pillow case and the cool thing
about drop cloths is, you don't have to worry about having 
a "right side.   They both look the same. 


7.  Check to make sure your pillow insert fits 
with a little extra length on the hemmed end.

8.  Remove the pillow insert, place a piece of cardboard/garbage bag
inside your pillow case just in case the paint bleeds through.
Place your number stencil on the center of your pillow case.

9.  Apply painter's tape to edge to form a line.

Make sure you really press down and smooth out the tape, 
so you don't get any bleeding under the tape.

10.  Paint the number and the line in your colors of choice.

I made sure not to completely get good coverage
with the paint so it would look aged.

If you want more of a modern look, apply more paint.

11.  Remove the stencil and the tape while the paint is still wet.
Let paint dry or dry with a hair dryer if you're impatient like me.


12.  Outline number and the line with the gold Sharpie.
Using the needle, thread twine/ribbon through 
both sides of your hemmed edge.
Tie in a bow.

Do this 5 times along the hemmed edge.

And that's it!

How easy was that?

Super easy, but time consuming.

I made 3 pillows like this one, numbered 1-2-3.

I was going to do a #4, but realized I didn't have a 4th equal sized pillow insert.



But, I did make four other pillows in different styles...

Vintage Grain Sack with Torn Drop Cloth Bows

Dandelions blowing in the wind.




And Farm...

I'm still not sure about the "Just Dandy" one.

It didn't turn out quite like I wanted, but whatever.

I have to admit that I'm loving the other ones though!


And they're so much cheaper than the ones you buy off the shelf!

And I still have drop cloth left over!

And since I had all the other supplies on hand,
I figure that I spent just the cost of the drop cloth for SEVEN pillows!

So basically, $18.99!


And they will definitely lend a custom look to the living room.

And that's a huge part of decorating like a blogger.

Make your space YOURS.


Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll show you how to 
create custom art work for your walls.



  1. oh my gosh I need you to make me some pillows..I bought the liquid stitch when you FIRST made the pillows and I have YET to make them..LOL!!! I have it for WHEN the moment finally strikes me.. I LOVE those pillows..If I could be making them as awesome as you I would be doing it in a heart beat..they look like boutique pillows!!
    Now I am PINNING THE SNOT outta those!!

  2. Love, love, love your pillows and such a great tutorial. I would love for you to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Party goes live at 2:30 PT. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  3. Laura- Those are great! I would sew mine but these are perfect for a non-sewer and the results are very professional looking. I love the painted stripe- I think that just sets the whole pillow off perfectly. xo Diana

  4. Super cute....super cool! Love this idea Laura!Thank you for sharing!

  5. I want to decorate my room, so your idea will help me. By the way, you can find a lot of useful information here CEO. Thanks for inspiration!


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