Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Boys' Room Makeover {THE SCOOP}

I'm nosy.

Maybe it's just human nature, but I love it when other bloggers break down
their room makeovers and tell all.

You know...

Where they got it.

What it cost.

Or how they made it.

Are you like that or is it just me?

In case you are, I thought I'd give you the scoop on The Boys' Room Makeover.

Believe me, their room was totally thrifty, all things considered.

It was just a matter of having the patience to wait to find things at a great price.

It's pretty much the only way I decorate now.


Actually, the first thing I made for their room was this:

Super easy and cheap!

I painted chipboard letters ($1.99 each @ 1/2 off from Hobby Lobby) with 
yellow acrylic paint (3 bottles @ $0.99 each from Hobby Lobby).  

To give them the look of aged metal letters, I simply dark waxed them with
Annie Sloan Dark Wax, which I already had on hand.

The next pieces I worked on were these:

You can see how I make No Sew Pillows HERE on my old blog.

The Chevron Fabric was $16.18 using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.
The regular price was $26.97 for 5 yards.
I made the four pillows and had a little left over.
Love it when that happens for a later project!

I spent $4.99 on the letter stencils, but I already had the black fabric paint on hand.

I  used Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint in Ebony.

The Varsity Letter pillows cost me roughly $1.00 each.

Those are actual vintage varsity letters from our high school.

The fabric is left over painter's drop cloth 
from when I made the No Sew Duvet Cover for our bedroom.

It was as simple as taping off the lines with painter's tape 
and painting the fabric with the fabric paint.

I bought the varsity letters themselves at a local thrift store a few years ago
for $0.50 each...  You know, just in case.  ;)

I do that a lot.


The next pieces I tackled were this night stand... 

and vintage oak chair.

The nightstand was my Dad's.

The chair I got at an auction last summer for $8.00.

I spent $12.99 at Walmart for Ebony Paint that I made into homemade chalk paint.

The Frog Chevron Painter's Tape was $9.99 at Walmart 
and makes painting Chevrons sooooo much easier!

The "Hawkeye Gold" paint was custom mixed at our local hardware store 4 years ago 
when I painted the boys' original room black and gold.

I had a little leftover and used it to make homemade chalk paint.

Then I waxed both pieces using
Annie Sloan Dark Wax to give them both an aged look
and to tone down the brightness of the Hawkeye Gold.

The knobs were 75% off last year at Hobby Lobby in a mixed bin.

I think I paid $1.00 each for them
and I just painted them to match.

There were several pieces that I picked up at thrift stores, like the lamp base.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

$4.99 and I didn't even have to paint it!

The lampshade was a perfect match for the room 
and was only $5.00 at Dollar General.


I also picked up this desk lamp at a local thrift.

I nearly squealed when I saw it!

I had already been picturing this exact lamp on the desk I planned to use in their room,
so this one for $4.99 was absolutely exciting to me.

I'm obviously easily excitable. 


Speaking of the desk...

It was another steal at an auction last summer.

Scott couldn't believe I wanted it.

It was in a corner with a bunch of tools and other garage odds and ends.

I totally loved the industrial look of it.

The lead pipes for legs and the worn oak surface...

Industrial awesomeness!

We won it for a measly $5.00.

It's been sitting in the attic ever since, just waiting for the perfect spot for it.

See what I say about me hoarding stuff in our attic?


The little metal box on top is actually a metal cheese box.

I found it at our local thrift for $5.00.

I had never seen a metal one before and thought it was pretty cool.

It's also a great place to store pens and pencils.


Next up is the Clipboard Gallery Wall:

I found one clipboard at the thrift for $1.00
and was a little disappointed that I couldn't find more.


You can get a two pack at Walmart for $3.99.

I just painted them all with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Granite
and let them dry.

Then I found some of my favorite sports pictures of the boys on my computer
and printed 5x7 pictures on 8x10 matte photo paper.

This is one of my favorite elements in the whole room.


By this time, I was ready to paint the room.

It's actually a Disney color available at Walmart.

The gallon of paint was $25.99 and the wall paint color is
Disney's Scream Machine from the movie "Monster's Inc."

It was the perfect gray.

Not too blue.

Not too purple.

Just.  Gray.

The trim paint matches the rest of the house and is BH&G's Muslin White.

I use Glidden High Endurance Paint in Satin/Eggshell for all our walls
because it tends not to show the imperfections of the plaster as much.


While I waited for the paint to dry between coats, 
I worked on this dresser:

We won this beauty at an auction last year for a mere $35.00.

This is why I am a huge fan of buying furniture from auctions.

It's better quality than today's junk.

You find some really unique pieces.

And the prices are insane!

I had the paint.

I had the stencils.

I already had the knobs from a previous project that I decided not to use them for.

I chose these words, because I wanted them to reflect 
the main morals I'm trying to raise our sons to embrace.


Don't be a bragger or arrogant when you do well.

In all things be humble and thankful for the abilities the Lord has bestowed upon you.


In today's society the lines of right and wrong are really blurred.

Honesty is now "subjective".

Don't be that person.

Always be honest and don't take lightly the trust people place in you.


In today's world, be brave enough to stand up for what you believe
even if it's not popular opinion.

Stand up for what is right, just, and true, and you will never go wrong.

Here's a secret:

Don't think bloggers are always smart.

I painted, stenciled, and waxed an ENTIRE drawer...


Only to realize when I went to put it in the dresser, 
that I had stenciled the entire stinkin' thing UPSIDE DOWN.


At that point, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or throw something.


But hey...

In the end, it turned out great!


And above the dresser is a cork board:

I looked at one at Walmart and it was more than I wanted to spend.

Again, my patience was rewarded when I found this one
at the local thrift for $2.00.

I just had to paint the trim.

I found the motivational words on Pinterest.

"Be strong when you are weak,
Brave when you are scared,
and Humble when you are victorious."

I just created my own in iPages, with colors that coordinated with their room.

I love what it says!

The very last thing I made for their room was these
super easy No Sew Curtains:

Why sew when you can fabric glue?


The gray fabric was $7.99 a yard at Jo Ann Fabric.

I used a 40% off coupon to get a discount on the 7 yards I bought.

Since I used fabric that was 44" in width,
all I had to do was measure the center to 22" and rip them in half.

I measured the length of the top of the window to the floor (83") 
with a couple of inches to spare and then ripped the fabric cross-wise.

Then I folded the top over 4 inches and fabric glued them in place.

Next, I used black burlap ribbon (3 rolls at $4.99 each from Hobby Lobby)  
to make the loops that hang them from the tension rods (3 @ 2.99 each from Walmart).

I didn't measure their placement, 
but just eyeballed them to make sure they were an equal distance apart.

Then I fabric glued them in place. 

Next, I measured 2 inches from the bottom
and fabric glued two strips of the burlap ribbon 2 inches apart 
to give them more of a custom look. 

It was super easy and took me about 2 hours for both windows and closet.

(For some reason when we moved in, the closet was missing its door.)

I love how they turned out!

The last thing I made was the chalkboard wall art
above the bunk beds.


Basically, they're just glass that I removed from frames that I bought.

I decorate a lot with empty frames, so I had several sizes to choose from.

I painted them with chalkboard paint that I already owned
and hung them from picture frame wire ($2.99 at Walmart) 
that I hot glued to the back.

Then, I used Greyson's play book to draw the plays on with chalk.

In all honesty...  They're not up there anymore.

There were originally 5, but one fell and broke.

The glue didn't want to hold the wire to the glass,
so I took them all down and taped the wire on with masking tape.

Then the next one fell, but blessedly didn't break.

Then I broke out the duct tape, taped the wire on,
and then folded the tape to actually tape the glass to the wall
and provide more support for the wire.

That didn't work either.

Overnight, 3 fell and 2 broke.

I give up.

It's back to the drawing board for that 
and I think I'm going to use pieces of light plywood...

Kind of like I used for this large sign behind their door:

It was originally in their old room and is screwed to the wall with 6 screws.

I made it a couple of years ago.

The medal display above Noah's bed was also in their old room and I made it too.

It's a great place to keep the medals they win at weekend wrestling tourneys
and the ones in the center are Greyson's from when he was on a
traveling basketball team in 5th and 6th grade.

And finally the last bargain was bought from one of the assistant wrestling coaches
at our high school:

The bunk beds were $60.00 and originally blue.

Thanks, Alino and Angie!


Five cans of Krylon Matte Aluminum Spray Paint later 
($3.79 a can at Walmart)and they were transformed
to match the room.

The boys were pretty impressed with how they looked afterward
and argued about who would be on the bunks.


The only other two items that I bought were the black rugs,
both $20 from Walmart...

and Dollar General:

The one from Walmart is going to be getting
a paint job as soon as the wrinkles from
it being rolled up work themselves out.

And honestly...

I was just a tad painted out to tackle it just yet.


Everything else in the room they already had...

The beds:  Painted black from white.

The comforters:  Black and Embroidered with W-SR Go-Hawks
two years ago from a local seamstress. 

Pillowcases:  Same seamstress made them custom for me
2 years ago.

Black Dresser: Noah's

And all the other signs, pennants, etc. on the walls.


The Total Cost for the boys' room makeover:

About $370.00.

I know it's not my usual bare bones thriftiness,
but I did count everything that I had bought,
even if some of it was last summer.


If you took those items off,
I probably spent around $270.00, which isn't too bad
all things considered.

Needless to say, the boys are thrilled
and love their new space.


If they can just keep it clean!

I'm not holding my breath on that one.



  1. No wonder the boys are happy--that room is seriously impressive! It looks like a magazine!

  2. Totally impressed! Thank you for sharing. I too, like to get the breakdown :) not only does it give you ideas, but it shows that with patience it is financialy do - able!

    Have a great week!
    Sherri Smith

  3. Under $400 for a makeover for a room of four boys!!! That wins the prize for not only ending up with a great room, but most bang for the buck too.

  4. Stunning! It turned out fabulou! Great work, Laura!

  5. I don' teven know where to start I have so much to say. But since it's late and I still need to take a shower... okay the clipboards first - REALLY?!!! Where did you get that amazing idea? You are awesome. The pillows, the FURNITURE paint jobs, holy wow, just love it all. I honestly couldn't wait to see what you were going to do for them. I had no idea doing a sports themed room could be so amazing. Then again, I shouldn't underestimate you...... wow, wow, WOW.

  6. Wow Wow Laura this room for your boys is awesome. I love the colors and all the personality in this room. Everything is so great.


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