Friday, September 20, 2013

The Boys' Room Makeover {Reveal}

*Disclaimer:  This room will probably never be this clean again.*



It's finally done!

And where do I begin???

How about a quick recap of what the room looked like before...

and during this two week long makeover?


With the kids' sports schedules, school, and their homework, 
I thought I'd never get this room done!

But I finally did and here it is:

Welcome to
Greyson, Ian, Noah, and Landon's Room!


4 Boys.

1 Room.

It is possible!

The biggest issue was trying to find a theme that they could all agree on.

And while I would have LOVED to do something that was more "my style",
unfortunately I got a big fat "NO!" from the three
that are old enough to really have an opinion.

So, we still went with the black and gold that was in their old room,
but we toned down the wall color and went for gray 
with black and gold accents.

Why black and gold?


Because those are our school district's colors.

And we love to support our W-SR Go-Hawk Athletics.

What's a "Go-Hawk"?

I have no idea.

But it sure sounds good when you're yelling it during a game!


Anyone who knows our family knows that our boys are all about their sports.

For Greyson, it's basketball and football.

Noah is all about football and wrestling.

And Ian would do everything if we let him, but since we have a 2 sport rule,
he's settled on football and wrestling too.

Landon is too little for sports, but with as much as he hangs out at games and tourneys,
I'm sure he'll follow in his big brother's footsteps.

Silver Lining:

With all of their different personalities, likes and dislikes...

At least they all agree on football!


Right now, we're right in the middle of football season and tonight will be our 5th game
since Saturday with another two tomorrow and Sunday.

Between the games and practices,
this momma is about footballed-out.

And before we know it,
it'll be wrestling season.

And then in the middle of that...


Because I'm not all ready crazy enough,
let's throw in gymnastics and volleyball for Eva.


But seriously...

There's no other place I'd rather be than cheering our kiddos on
while they're doing what they love.

And I hope they know that the work I put into their room reflects
how much I love them and I will support them in whatever it is they want to do.

If you're looking for me tonight...

You can find me on the football field cheering Greyson on
and watching Eva cheer with the big cheerleaders at half time.


Stay tuned Monday for the scoop on what I made, how I made it, and what it cost.



  1. Unbelievably awesome. I can't believe you did it that fast. They have to just love there momma ooodles for doing this for them :)

  2. I am on the run... but,

  3. Go GoHawks Go GoHawks GoHawks Go!!!!!

  4. I love it!!! Just amazing! You are so talented!

  5. WOW Laura!!! Married to an Iowa boy, I know all about the gold and black. But you have taken that and made it into a great statement. The room is fantastic!
    Now I wanna yell Go Hawks!!!
    Well done you, now rest and breathe... between games :-)
    Hugs.. Gee

  6. Ooo love this room! Boys rooms can be really hard, but it seems you've nailed it! I used to be a WSR cheerleader... those were the days! I should dig up some of those pictures and post them so all my readers can laugh with me. HA!

    Ok, I didn't learn this until AFTER I graduated from WSR... but Shell Rock used to be it's own school: 'The Gophers'. And when they merged with the Waverly school district (the Hawks), they made the mascot the 'Go Hawks'. While it still doesn't make a lot of sense, at least there's an explanation to this non-existent bird. :)

    1. What? For real? Well there goes that! I believe it was my mom that told me. She graduated from WSR in '69... so I assumed she knew what she was talking about... HA! :) I've been doing some googling, cause now I'm SUPER curious, and there's NO INFO online! What in the world?

  7. A make over INDEED! Great job! Your boys are blessed :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Sherri Smith

  8. Ok woman, you are just. plain. awesome. Enough said! Oh, and I hope your boys appreciate all your hard work! They've got a great mama!! Miss you, hugs!! Angie :)

  9. It looks amazing Laura! You have the magic touch. The boys room turned out fabulous and I am sure they love it to pieces.

  10. OMG! LOVE!!!!!!! You did a fabulous job ;)

  11. Oh my goodness so great!! What a great space, and it looks so big...even for four boys. I have two girls crammed into a small room, and it looks like a really bad storage cubicle, but you have given me hope. This is just awesome and SO inspiring.

  12. Fantastic, your boys have to be just thrilled with their room, it really is awesome!

  13. Absolutely... Flipping. Freaking. Friggen. FANTASTIC!!! The people in he bleachers should be cheering GO- Laura, GO-Laura!

  14. it looks amazing!!! love the colors and graphic elements- very boyish and chic!

  15. You did an amazing job! It looks like something right out of pottery barn!I bet they love it too!

  16. I am so thrilled with this makeover of your boys' room. I love the bureau with the words especially, although all of it is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Now if someone who has 4 boys living at home can redo a room like that with all the work involved AND be a blogger also then I certainly should be able to with my husband and 26 year old! Gotta get going. We just redid the laundry room but it was a paint only thing and not blog worthy.However, I'm doing my husband's office - taking off that horrible wallpaper that I really never liked anyway. Hope it comes out well. Anyway, this is turning into a book.. Best wishes to you. Love your new room. Linda

  17. WOW, how do you do it, lady????

    Well, I think you have done a remarkable job - and I am exhausted just reading up on your sister with her 4 and soooooooooooooo many sports and practices - you and she are crazy busy!

    (Her third is a cheerleader too.) Sure is fun to watch, huh?

    I love your boys all share a room, they have to be so close.

    Great job on this room.

  18. Wowza!! You pulled it off big time!! I looks fantastic and I'm sure the boys must love it. Great job!!

  19. Awesome! I am amazed by your ability to bring everything together and do it so fast! You are one cool Mom and a wonderful Lady!


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