Friday, February 15, 2013

Faux Fireplace Facelift {A Reveal}

My brother, cousin, and I sitting on the front
steps at my Great Aunt Carrie's Home
sometime in the early 80s.
My mantle has been something that's 
been driving me batty for a long time.

Don't get me wrong.

I love my mantle.

It came out of my Great-Great Aunt's Antebellum home.

My momma (Thank goodness!) took it out before my aunt's idiot nephew (also known as my 3rd cousin) tore the house down rather than donating it to the local historical society.

No, I don't know what he was thinking.

Obviously not much.

But I'm so glad I have it because I adore it, especially with 
its history of watching over Confederate soldiers 
warming themselves by the fire during the Civil War.

This mantle has had a ton of different looks...

Its original color, full of flaking and chipping lead paint 
when we first moved in...

then after I decided to give it a coat of a light coat of paint...

after I painted the walls and trim
 and turned the room into the office...

and it's last incarnation for Valentine's day.

You may have noticed that the mantle floats.

We didn't want to cut out the trim to put it in, 
just in case we ever moved or decided to move it to a different room, 
so it's just kind of hanging out above it.

every time I decorate it, 
I have to put decor at the bottom to anchor it.

Drives me crazy.

I've been eye-balling it for months.

And since I decided to change the office back to the dining room,
I figured now was the time to do something about it.

So, here's how it looks today:


Chalkboard paint.

On the wall.

How fun is that?

And a little St. Patrick's Day fun, 
until it's time to throw something up there for Easter.

It definitely does something about the blah painted space in the middle.

While I would LOVE to build some kind of hearth, 
we wouldn't have enough space to walk between it and the table.

But I am liking how much of a change 
painting the wall with chalkboard paint has made.

And I can't wait to draw on it with each change of season.

Poor Scott...

He saw it and said...

"Oh my God!  Now you've painted the wall with it!"


The poor man has no vision.


But better yet was his comment when he came home 
and saw I had switched the office and the dining room around...

And I quote...

"If we ever have a fire I'm screwed.   
If you keep changing everything around each day, 
I'll never be able to feel my way out through the smoke.  
Or maybe that's your plan?"


I burst out laughing and said,
"Oh!  that's totally going on my blog!"

He grinned.

Gotta love it!


  1. Oh SCOTT...are you sure Russ and him aren't twin brothers...His comments sound soooo similar to Russ...I love that mantle and you are cousin was an IDIOT!! LOL!!
    That mantle..oh my word...the history...and your love for it makes it even more beautiful...
    Great job as usual...I should show Russ and ask him where I should chalk board a wall.....just to see him turn white....LOL


  2. SO love the history behind the mantle and you are lucky to have saved it. It is just perfect for your space. Painting it really brought the detail out, when it was dark it didn't show all the nooks and crannies. My hubby works out of town, and every time he comes home in the night he bumps into something because I have changed the furniture, again. He says he is going to fall and break his neck. LOL You are right, they just don't get it.

  3. What history behind the mantel. I adore old houses and my mouth is hanging open at the thought of someone tearing one down. I am glad the mantel was saved.
    men... hahahahhaaa, and I live in a house of 3.
    Beautiful Laura...
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Oh, yes, what our men have to put up with. The dining room is so cute and what a great old mantel.

  5. THANK YOU! I bought a mantle out of a 1880s house 2 years ago. I have it propped against the wall in my dining room. I couldn't figure out how to make it flush against the wall without cutting into the trim. I'm just going to float it! Why didn't I think of that.

  6. I love it all. Have you seen the one blog that drew a fire on the chalk board under the mantle. That was really cute too. Love the whole room. Yes, your cousin was not in his right mind.

  7. Your new chalkboard fireplace is my favorite from all the past looks you shared today. Bravo! (How about gifting your adorable husband a little flashlight to keep in his bedside table so he can get one last look at your gorgeous fireplace as he lights his way safely out of the house. :) So cute!)

  8. I am giving you a "completely understand where you're c oming from" kinda hug today!

    Your hubs sounds like mine.

    I had a contractor here today giving me a quote on dismantling my REAL fireplace so I can open up the back wall to the blessing of a gorgeous back yard we have and possibly putting in a vented gas wall fireplace on a different wall between living and master bed...........sharing the possible new that could actually happen...........just gotta let the hubs savor the idea for awhile maybe.

    I LOVE your mantle, and because it was from your Aunt that makes it extra special yet!

    I won't comment on the 3rd cousin. Hrmph!

    Have a GREAT week!

  9. I love the fireplace painted white and I love how you painted the wall with the chalkboard paint!! Sometimes our hubbie's just don't get it...LOL...

  10. Well I am in love with the new look of your mantle!Hmmmmm has me pondering.....thinking about a mantle I came across recently in an antique shop.I may have to run back and get it!You have inspired me!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. It looks great! Love the chalkboard!! So clever and fun. I love the history of this piece and happy that you have it. :)

  12. I love it, you just tell Scott like the suit makes the man, the chalkboard paint is what makes the room! Now don't be playing with any matches.


  13. Ha ha ha!!! That's hilarious!!! I love that this mantel came from your family. What a neat piece to have and keep forever!! I LOVE the chalkboard paint too.. I'm tempted to paint a wall in the playroom with it... eeek! LOVE it!! Hugs!!

  14. You could find a flush fire place screen that would help disguise the floor molding, but love it's latest incarnation!!

  15. OH!!! You CRACK ME UP!!! I love it all, the History, sentiment, style and fun! When we were looking to move to VA. I noticed that most of the old Fire Places in the farmhouses were walled up. I had thought of doing a Chalkboard paint and making it our homeschool room. Unfortunately we ended up not moving so I was unable to ever do it. I Love the look of it..For Spring it would be cute to Draw an Upside Down Bunny with his ears hanging down and cute Big eyes ... How cute would that be. And changing things up is ALWAYS a good thing :) Even if that means always having to re-draw and re-print out the ESCAPE route LOL!!!

  16. That dining-room looks absolutely awesome! I want it! :-) You did an amazing job Laura!

  17. So now that you stole the mirror for the bath you can redo everything here!;) Love it all.


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