Friday, January 25, 2013

Window Treatments on a Dime {Tutorial}

Trying to makeover Eva's bedroom on a budget of absolute pennies, 
was one of the hardest things I have ever attempted.
I couldn't seem to get started.

The walls were painted.
The trim was painted.
And the floors were painted.

And then I stalled.

I kept looking at the windows.
I had a feeling if I could start there, the rest would come.

But what was I going to do for curtains???

I wanted something light and airy..


But those kinds of curtains aren't cheap.

I started looking at the top of the windows and 
started turning ideas over in my mind 
as to what would work for curtain rods...

That I didn't have to buy.

You know I'm all about frugal decorating.


Plain curtain rods weren't going to cut.

Besides, I didn't have any.

What did I have on hand that I could use?

Did I have any wood?

So, since it was 3 degrees outside, I
 bundled up and went out to my workshop, 
measuring tape and measurements in hand.

Every piece of wood I had 
was either too long, too short, or too wide.

Cutting them to size wasn't an option, 
since Scott's back was hurting 
and I haven't attempted to use the circular saw myself.

I knew there had to be something that would work.

As I headed back up to the house, 
I remembered the scrap wood we had stacked behind the barn, 
when we turned it into my workshop last summer.

I rummaged through the pile and saw one piece of the old siding 
with chippy blue paint on it.


But when I pulled on it, it broke in half.


I dragged the rest of it out and measured it.

Both pieces were the exact length I needed for each window.

That was sheer dumb luck!

And I liked the jagged edges where the piece broke.

Works for me!

I toted them in and then had to figure out 
how I was going to attach the curtains...

And what was I going to use for curtains anyway???

What did I already have that would work?

I finally settled on some mismatched white flat sheets 
that had lost their fitted partner years ago 
and were stashed in the back of the linen closet.

I guess some good comes from being a hoarder.


That solved one problem.

But I still had no clue how to hang them.

At first I thought about really large nails...

Kind of a more industrial look.

But how would I take the curtains down to wash them?

Nix that.

And then I considered using Jessica @ Mom 4 Real's 
idea of Mason jar lids...

{Super Cute Idea!}

That still wouldn't keep the curtains up without nails.


From the experience in the living room, rope sags.

{I've yet to remedy that.}

And then all the vintage hooks in Eva's closet caught my eye.

I have plenty in all the closets around our house.

That'll work!

First, I measured equal distances between the hooks.

Then I pre-drilled holes with the drill bit, 
to make it easier to screw the hooks in.

The hooks were a cinch to screw in.

To keep the pieces of barn wood upright, 
I screwed scrap pieces of 4x4's to the back of each end.

That kept the barn wood away from the wall.

Next, I laid the sheets out, 
measured, and marked where the hook slots should go.

Then, I screwed the pieces of barn wood to the walls 
using super long screws.

It really didn't look all that bad.

I was kind of surprised.

Next, I cut the slits into sheets and fitted the slots over the hooks.

I stared at them a while and realized something was missing.

They needed to be dressed up a bit.

I had some other sheets that I had discarded because they had either rust spots on them or paint stains on them from using them to protect the floor while I was painting furniture.

I took those sheets and ripped them into wide strips, 
avoiding areas that were stained. 

Then, I tied them to the hooks in a bow.

And used another strip of the sheet to use as a tie back.

So super cheap and all said and done, it only took a couple of hours.

That's my kind of DIY project!

And I really love the prairie style vibe it gives the room.

A little sweet.

A little flirty.

Way cute.

Perfect for a girl's room.

And super frugal too!

Just the way I like it.

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  1. Thanks for posting!!! Since it was the topic of hot discussion with my mom on how you did these - I LOVE BEING RIGHT!!! So pretty and THRIFTY! Bonus!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! What a "dreamy" little girl's room!!

  3. So adorable! You are a so talented with the ideas!

  4. Such a sweet girl's room. Love the colors and the accent pieces. Gret job on the curtains and the headers.

  5. So glad you elaborated on the window coverings. So dreamy looking and one of my fav parts of the room makeover :)

  6. I love the bows- they add such femininity to these basic drapes!

  7. Laura that is gorgeous!!! LOVE how beautiful and thifty that was!

  8. Wow-these turned out gorgeous!! Doesn't it feel great to be creative and frugal? :)

  9. It looks beautiful!! And seriously - it broke into the exact sizes you needed?! How awesome is that!!

  10. Wonderful, and rather dreamy. Just right for a girls room. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is simply gorgeous! I pinned!
    Big time pinning going on here!

    hugs x

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