Friday, January 4, 2013

Motivation: Found it! (An Announcement & A Confession)

In my ongoing resolution to "keep it real", 
I am announcing something that will 
probably blow your minds.
In July of 2011, we started remodeling Eva's room.
Here's my pretty girl with her daddy 
(whom she has firmly wrapped - around her little finger that is)...

Her room was a nightmare to deal with.

Yucky carpet - Ripped it up.

Cracking plaster - HUGE eyesore.

Pretty much the only thing it had going for it 
was the large window that faced the east 
and the original trim. 

Here's a picture of it when it was the boys' room circa 2007:

Do you remember me ever saying that decorating 
wasn't something that came easy for me?


These pictures would be proof of that.


In my defense, at least the curtains came with the house!


So, then I got smart and realized that the boys needed 
the bigger of the two rooms. 

I switched them out 
and put the boys in the bedroom across the hall.

I think that was clear back in 2009.

The white carpet - 
which I have to admit was new when we moved in, 
did not work with 6 children, 12 and under.

Yeah...  No.

So, through spilled fingernail polish, 
(Somehow the "No Drinks or Food Upstairs Rule" is never completely enforced - unless I go on a tirade over piled up cups/plates on nightstands, in which everyone scatters frantically or points fingers),
 and other unrecognizable stains, 
the carpet in their room got ripped out.  

In 2010.

Then in 2011, I took pity on my pretty girl 
not having such a pretty bedroom.

Part of that was because of the cheap-o paint 
that the previous owner used 
- which started to literally flake off the walls.

So, on a whim and having absolutely no clue what I was doing, 
I started doing this...

That's right...

HOURS of scraping all that paint off, down to the plaster underneath.  

And OF COURSE there were sections that were stuck fast - 
as opposed to sections that came off like peeling skin after a sunburn.

Had I known what I was getting into!

Then, we skim coated the entire room...


SCOTT skim coated the entire room.

I cheered him on.

(That counts as something, right?  LOL!)

And then we waited.

And waited...

And waited...

For the walls to cure.

And they didn't.

It was a hot and humid summer that year.

And the stuff just wouldn't set.

So, I finally gave up waiting, 
knowing that it probably wouldn't cure until fall arrived
and the humidity went down.

(This was before we had the central air installed.)

And Eva was unbelievably tired 
of sleeping on the floor of our bedroom on her mattress.

So, I moved all her furniture back into the room 
promising myself that I would get right on it, 
as soon as the stinkin' stuff cured.

One and a half years later and her room still looks like this:


Just plain sad.

Even my watermarks on the pictures are from my old blog.

THAT'S how old these pictures are!

I have been a home remodeling FAILURE.


And technically, it doesn't even look like this.

There's been some furniture removals - and some additions.

And still, her floors looks like someone threw up on them 
and her walls are plain plaster.

This would be a very good example of what I was talking about 
in my last post about doing things that NEED to be done 
Things that are unnecessary.

So, yesterday when I was making her bed and cleaning up 
the post-Christmas break chaos, I said to myself, 
"Enough is enough.  This is your next project."

(Yes, I talk to myself and as long as I don't start responding 
I figure I'm good. LOL!)

So, while I'm out buying groceries today, 
I'm picking up some primer 
- The paint has been bought for over a year - 
and I'm getting to it.

And this beauty...

Bought for a steal for $20.00 at an auction - 
is getting a paint job and replacing the two twin beds.

I'm actually kind of giddy with excitement to get started.

And Eva's one request...

"Just don't make my room look old, mom."


We obviously have different decorating styles.

Which is kind of a let down 
because I was totally thinking about 
going "Cottage" with her room.

Oh well...

We'll see if we can compromise.

Because my 8 year old definitely knows her own mind.



It's so embarrassing 
"being real".



It might take a week or better, 
but my next post will be the reveal.

Can't wait!

Until then...


  1. I think we all secretly have an area like that in our home that we don't share.I have a closet that is pretty scary right now and I am not sharing it LOL! I can't wait to see the transformation! I am about to transform my daughters room too.But at least I don't have to scrap off plaster that is one hard job!What a beautiful bed too!

  2. Oh!!! Life happens doesn't it. It get's in the way of our best intentions.
    On my end... last May we started a Master suite reno. Then we had health issues. Took months (until Nov) to be back to 'normal' health wise.
    Sooo... December, in the midst of Christmas decor and all that, we soldiered on.... still a work in progress :-)
    We will bet there. Soon.
    I empathize.... It's never perfect.
    ((HUGS)) Looking forward to your reveal.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. oh....I so feel you on this...That is why I finally did my babies room last winter...2 years of collecting paint swatches....the room had been a spare bedroom...a nursery..and then her room all without changing the paint....I just wasn't FEELING it..but once you get started you won't stop...You will do it...and its going to be AMAZING!! I know will rock it... Good luck and I can't wait to see!

  4. "don't make my room look old" lol! lol! Oh dear....I've been working on making over my 13 year old sons room for over two years now. I started when we lived in Las Vegas, got a little bit done in Illinois last year and hopefully will "finish" it up this year in Texas! He hates all my idea but doesn't come up with any ideas of his own. It also doesn't help that I change my mind a lot too! Good luck with your daughters room! I know it will look gorgeous!!

  5. I love your honesty! Can't wait to see how gorgeous you're going to make her room. I bet she'll love it.... "old" or not. :)
    Stay Beautiful Within, Erica <3

  6. Can't wait to see how it turns out. That bed is pretty. Have fun painting.

  7. The bed is gorgeous and just think how beautiful it's going to be when painted! I'll be following along to see how you turn your daughter's bedroom into a magazine photo!

  8. Oh how exciting, and better later than never. Eva is going to be one happy camper.

    She may even really like the cottage style - best bet is to sit her down to look at inspiration pics : PB kids/teen, Pinterest and find out - probably sure - that you both have a similar vision in mind. Pics are good for discovering decorating style when you don't know the terms (8 year olds.)

    Good luck, sounds like a lot of work, love!

  9. I like you keeping it real. Most of us have ongoing lingering put off projects. Can't wait to see what you do with the bed and the room.

  10. You are too cute! Peeling the wallpaper would have had me running, too. Zit took us tow years to do our den...3 layers! This room has a lot of potential, it looks really big. And it sounds like you have the motivation! Keep us posted!


  11. Let's see... it took us 8 years to decide on and execute a fireplace makeover. You will not hear a PEEP from me ;)

    Love & hugs. Shan

  12. Great post! I honestly love it when bloggers 'keep it real'! You've actually inspired me to tackle a large project that needs tackled...if it takes me a while...well that's ok! Thanks again!

  13. I have no doubt it is going to be beautiful. And I have no doubt when you get your motor running, it won't turn off till the room is done. Vrroooommmm.....


  14. If you're like me, I'm slow at the starting gate. But when I get immersed in it, I go to town. You go, girl!

  15. So is THIS why you didn't jump on inviting me over when I wanted to come see your house?! Haha. But seriously?!!! I don't think you have a freakin' THING to be embarrassed about! You think the rest of us have perfect, every-room-finished houses? Heck no! That's why we can keep blogging... cuz there's so much NOT done, so when it IS done we have something to post. :) Can't WAIT to see what you do. And I had to laugh at the "In my defense, the curtains were here when we bought the house". Phew! Haha, just kidding! Love you and your not-so-perfect home and awesome blog. Happy New Year! Now I need to read the previous post....... :) I'm getting caught up.

  16. Ah, the joys of living in an old house! The room will come together. Love the new bed but I'm not sure I'd paint it! It's hard for me to paint nice wood! But that's me!

  17. You are the BEST! I love that you are going ahead and tackling this. I know that it will be amazing once you are done!


  18. Oh my Laura, amazing. This is a huge project, just made me shake my head in fact. It is going to be awesome. Happy New Year girl!


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