Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eva's Room {The Reveal}


Here it is...

Eva's Room.

All Grown Up.

Welcome to my little girl's bedroom...
A long time coming.

Wall Color:  Mixed it myself by adding A LOT of white paint 
to Crayola's Talkative Turquoise.

{Actually, I should have written:
Added a little bit of Talkative Turquoise to a whole lotta white.}

{What in heaven's name was I thinking when I picked out THAT color in 2011???!!!  Made me want to gouge my eyeballs out!  LOL!!!}

{I think it was a good thing that I put off Eva's room as long as I did!  
That color was ummmmm... BRIGHT!}


Auction Find $20.00

Painted with La Craie Magnolia and waxed with La Craie Amber Wax.


Vintage Pillow cases - Ebay $12.00 Lot of 6
Hobnail Bedspread - Thrift Store $8.00
Cream Pillow (right) - Country Store Hampton Iowa - $10.00
Blue Pillow - My Momma's
White Pillows - Made them
Cream Pillow (Left) - Bed, Bath, and Beyond Clearance $10.00
Duvet - found it stashed in the back of our linen closet (HA HA HA!)

Night Stand (Left Side) - Veridian Swap Sheet Summer of 2011 $10.00

Name Art

Frames:  Dumpster Dive after Auction - FREE!
Letters:  Hobby Lobby 50% off - $3.50 - Spray painted Ivory

Chandelier:  Auction Find $30.00 - Spray Painted white

Curtain Rods:  Wood from our workshop 
and vintage hooks found in every closet in our house.

Curtains:  Flat Sheets From Walmart that I already owned, 
bows are strips torn from old sheets that had stains.

All wall art was made from 
frames/wood/scraps of fabric I already had on hand.

Hope Chest:  Veridian Swap Sheet Summer of 2011 $125.00

Lamp:  My Daddy's - Spray painted white.

Lampshade:  Old lampshade covered in strips of twisted fabric.

Wicker Table & Chairs:  Garage Sale - Summer 2011 - $35.00

Desk:  Auction Find $35.00 - Painted with La Craie Magnolia
and mixed with Red Acrylic paint to make a light purple/pink, 
Taped off squares and painted the Chalkboard desktop,
Original hardware

Shelf:  Homegoods $12.99 in 2004

Frames: Dumpster Dive - FREE! 
(Eva will rotate her favorite pictures by taping them inside the frames)

Photo holder:  Made

Daughter of the King Sign - Made

Crown above "Daughter of the King" - Back of an old chair

Eva's Dressing Area

Mirror/Chest of Drawers: Veridian Bank Swap Sheet Summer of 2011 $90.00

Shelf:  My Momma's

Shutters: St. Vincent De Paul thrift $3.00

Metal Flower:  Hobby Lobby 50% off $3.50 - Spray Painted White

Frame:  Same Dumpster

I love this little hook!

Eva's Dress from pictures on the beach May 2006: Strasburg Children 

{I can't believe she was ever that little!!}

The hook is made from on old knob plate and door hinge bolt 
that I found in a closet when we moved in.

{Glad I wasn't an idiot and didn't chuck them!}

Eva's Silhouette: Made from an old canvas picture from one of the boys' nurseries and covered with cream linen.  Her silhouette is black canvas.

{Reduce, Reuse, Recyle}

Mirrored Dresser: Thrift Store - $125.00 - Painted BH&G Spring Green 

(Before I got smart and back when I thought that 
buying ANYTHING in a thrift store made me thrifty.  HA!) 

Wicker Baskets:  From Eva's nursery.

Oval Frames: - Still Diving in that dumpster - FREE!

Buttons for the "E":  From my Grandma's Button Jar

And that's it y'all!


I am breathing a sigh of relief!

And Eva is thrilled to pieces.

We both love her new space!!!

Here's a recap:

Well, do you think it was worth the 1.5 year wait?

{Bless her little pea-pickin' heart}

You can read the full story on her room HERE.

The full room makeover, cost me $40.00.  

The only thing I bought in the last two weeks 
was the floor paint and 1 can of primer.

{It took 3 cans of primer, luckily I had a stash!}

I had A LOT of stuff on hand and used it!

{It's amazing the amount of stuff I had in the attic 
and crammed in my craft cupboard!  LOL!}

My goal was to not spend more than $50.00.

I did it!

I am now, more than ever, convinced 
that it doesn't take BIG BUCKS to create a pretty space.

Shop your house.

Shop thrift stores.

Dumpster Dive!

Look at things in a new way.

You might just surprise yourself!

I know I did!


P.S.  Momma...  I rushed getting this post up just for you. 


  1. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous - the colors - the vintage touches - the painted floor - I'm in love with the whole " package "
    Beautiful job!

  2. OMG OMG OMG Laura!!! Her room is beyond gorgeous! You did a fantastic job and so glad you said yes earlier!;) Just love this!!

  3. Laura, I knew it was gonna be GORGEOUS and I was right!! Its BEAUTIFUL...oh what a lucky girl you have!! Can you come do my room now!! I love love love it!!!

  4. OH WOW!!!! Yes, I did say that out loud. It is aaaammmaaazing!! What a special room for a special girl.Well worth the wait I say.
    The bed, the floor.... the curtain. I want a close up of the lamp shade. :-)
    Y'all did a wonderful job. Now rest up those wrists, and knees....
    HUGS, Gee

  5. Laura, when I scrolled down to the first picture my jaw literally fell open. This is over the top PRETTY! I know you are so proud of the outcome and I am sure you have one happy little girl. Wow, you found a lot of frames in dumpsters.

  6. I'm buying my ticket! Kick Eva out. I'm moving in!!!!
    You have outdone yourself.

    It's completely and utterly dreamy.
    I'm speechless.

  7. What do I think? Well let me pick up my mouth...and wipe the drool...then I will tell you. WOW OH WOW! I am simply in love with it! Holy Crazy Transformation..and I never would give up on you..for the record! This room is girl gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous! The room's not too grown up, but not too sweet for her to enjoy for several years--maybe even into her teens!

  9. Seriously GORGEOUS! I love EVERY single detail! The painted floors are amazing, and the fact that you did the entire makeover for $50 is so so so inspiring! Beautiful job - what a perfect little girl's room!

  10. Beautiful makeover! Your daughter must be so pleased. I love the colors and the girliness!

  11. BRAVO!!!! WELL DONE!!

    Boy has it been fun watching this happen - I feel a part of it, even.

    This space is AMAZING and I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eva is one special lucky little lady! Daughter of the KING! < too cute.


  12. I am dying over here!!!! It turned out amazing. Girl, I bet your back hurts! I am not even close in Kate's room...I have a long way to go! It is just stunning!!!!

  13. Oh my, how gorgeous... Love the color of the walls, the floor, all the vintage touches. It's awesome... Love it...

  14. Laura Eva's room is drop dead gorgeous!!! I LOVE her color on the walls.It looks like Tiffany box blue I adore it!Every detail is amazing! You must be so proud of yourself.What fun to shop your own house! Looks like it came out of a magazine!

  15. Holy Smacks! GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it...wouldn't change a thing...except perhaps to have it located in MY home! ;) Well done, Congrat's! xo, Kimberly

  16. Holy cow!! Stunning! What little girl wouldn't dream of a room like that? You nailed it!! The little details are spot on and make the room so so cute!

  17. This is the difference between buying style out of the box and then making style happen your way. The transformation is amazing. I am floored. I love it so much the before and afters are incredible. I love it when people go away from the comforter sets and focus on the details. You nailed it girl. AWESOME is and understatement!!!!!

  18. nice job! Eva should be very happy in her room... ;-)

  19. I am blown away! What a beautiful space!! Love every single detail, and I'll bet Eva does too.... Great job, momma!!

  20. You did such an amazing job! Just dreamy!! Every girl would love to feel like a princess in this room!

  21. Gorgeous! You did such an amazing job!

  22. Laura...this is just over the top gorgeous! I see a lot of pins happening! I simply love everything and even more, that you made so much yourself and recycled, shopped your home and did it all on a dime. You are amazing!! Love it!!


  23. Can I live with you? I love your house! You can come makeover my bedroom anytime you want! Love it all!

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I love to go to thrift stores...now you have inspired me to go dumpster diving!!! Better yet...to have a "vision" for all the things I have around the house/garage...esp. the frames and canvas. I am creative but you take creative to a whole NEW and AWESOME level....I love that room...the touches....I want shabby chic....thanks for inspiriting us all!...LOVE

  25. I knew it was going to be awesome. But Laura. It. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! And see what you can do for $40?!!!!! I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Now, come help me do Tori's room. SERIOUSLY. Cuz you made me laugh and cringe at the same time because I DID paint her room 2 years ago with a SUPER BRIGHT/DEEP turquoise ohhhhhhh my word, why didn't I WAIT and tame it down with some white?!!! haha! Wow. You'd die if you saw Tor's room.... MAN i want you to come help me! :):) Everything is GORGEOUS. You think you've convinced me to paint our antique bed in the guest room too.... oh boy....

  26. That is a big ole WOW if I ever did see. Just gorgeous. Eva must be smitten over the moon with her new room.

  27. Oh it's beautiful....so dreamy!

  28. Oh, how I love the color of that paint!!! The room looks so fresh and pretty and all for $40.00! Love the chandelier, will Eva let you sleep in her room so you can wake up to see the chandy?:)

  29. GORGEOUS! What a lucky lil girl she is and it is timeless!!

  30. Love the color and the room! Wonderful post! So glad to have found your through Savvy Southern Style.

  31. What a special place for Eva...it's beautiful!!
    Love, love, love it!!

  32. Wow it looks so gorgeous and dreamy!! Every detail is just so special and creative. Love it!

  33. Such an amazing place for your little girl to call her own!
    You did a fantastic job Laura!
    Stay Beautiful Within, Erica <3

  34. This is the sweetest little girl's room I've ever seen. I'm so inspired by it in so many ways: it's beautiful, it's frugal, and it's unique. Very well worth the wait!

  35. I love everything about this room! The wallcolor turned out beautifully and that bed for $20 is amazing! The whole transformation is just amazing--thanks so much for sharing!

  36. Oh I just love it Laura! Absolutely beautiful. And the fact that you're not only creative, but see such treasures in what others may deem as trash...literally diving in dumpsters after all. You are amazing, girl!! On a side note, I have a bed that is similar that was passed down from my hubby's mama. It was her bed when she was a little girl. Did yours used to be a dark wood color? That's what the one I have is, and wondering how big of a job it is to refinish if it's not solid wood. (May have some veneer, but I haven't inspected it too closely). I have dreamed of painting it white and using it in Chloe's room but not sure how to go about it. Obviously you're the expert, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Again, wonderful job!

  37. I read every single comment above mine. I knew you were going to knock this out of the park and you did. Impressed, inspired, and proud of you.


  38. What an amazing room! I love, love , love the color that you made. I had to giggle at the gouging the eyes out part. I so have been there! Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage shared your blog and I am so happy she did...I am now planning on following you! Super duper job on the "whole" room...it is absolutely beautiful!

  39. Yup, I'm here again. Looking at your post slowly and carefully so as to not miss a thing - for the 3rd time since last night! Haha. From now on when I'm decorating, I think I'll ask myself, "WWLD"? (What would Laura do?) I'm seriously waiting for it to be 7:30 in Iowa so I can call my mom to see if she's seen this yet!!

  40. Oh, my! What a stunning bedroom! You did an amazing job! Everything is just beautiful. So worth the wait!

  41. Wow, wow, wow!!!! It looks amazing!! So soft and pretty! It reminds me of one of the rooms from the blog French Larkspur. Just beautiful!!

  42. Eva is a lucky girl. You did a great job...I want to dumpster dive in your neighborhood, good eye!

  43. So happy I stopped in from SSS...love this makeover and the way you did it!!
    Also love your blog and I'm a happy new follower!

  44. wow what a BEAUTIFUL Room! You did such a great job! I would like to invite you to come by and share this Beautiful makeover http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/01/share-it-one-more-time-4-2013.html
    New follower

  45. Oh my. I don't know where to begin. I have so many favorite things that I can't just name a few - but I will. The bedding? To die for. The curtain and wood "rod?" I'm totally stealing that one day. All of your handmade touches? Priceless. It is beautiful. I bet she never comes out of there now!

    You did awesome.

  46. Absolutely stunning! I love everything you did.


  47. THIS, my dear, is a WORK OF ART. What a fabulous job you have done out of love for your girl. It is a dream room, FOR SURE.
    I just linked up to follow....come by to see me when you can. I will say that my posts are lacking right now as I am in a LONG process of moving.....which is consuming most of my time.

  48. So cute! I LOVE your Daughter of the King sign!! So precious! Do you have a tutorial on how you made that?

  49. Hi, Laura

    I just love the room and just enjoyed looking at all the detail. Enjoyed looking around your lovely blog and I am a new follower. : ) Love for you to stop by www.homesweetbutterfly.com

    Have a great weekend.

  50. What a stunning room! I love all of the details that went into the special room. I am featuring this in my weekly wow's tomorrow (Sat)

  51. Oh I love EVA's room sooo much ! it's beautiful and so cal. gorgeous...xo

  52. I agree with Lucy, I am in love with Evas room too! Thank you SO much for sharing all of the beautiful details with us! AND for linking up at the Inspiration Gallery! I am your newest fan now too!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  53. She's one lucky little girl! I'm so impressed with your thrifty skills!

  54. WOW! You have a new fan! Beautiful work- I would love to have you join us at Cowgirl Up on Monday nights. I know you would fit right in!
    :) Samantha @Crafty Texas Girls

  55. The room is just gorgeous!!! Love the wall colour and love the white floor!

  56. I absolutely love this! And I love that you did it all with a budget- it looks very expensive and classy! Great job :)

  57. Oh my goodness, that's beautiful! I want a big girl room like that! :o) I love how you've used unexpected things in new ways... like the old wood and hooks to hang curtains and the chair back as a crown! I also LOVE that you dumpster dived the frames! I wish I could find a good dumpster around here... where no one can see me getting in it! LOL! I'm house hunting now and when I find my new home I'm going to use Eva's room as my inspiration for a spare bedroom, it's just beautiful, she's a lucky little girl!


  58. Eva must be walking on Cloud 9! What a beautiful space you have created for your daughter. BTW, personally I don't think you overpaid for that incredibly gorgeous mirrored dresser. The proportions, the curves, the curved drawer fronts -- you just do NOT find furniture like that anymore, and only rarely "on the cheap." I think you got a bargain for $125 -- looks like that is the original mirror and that makes it a very rare piece, at least in my neck of the woods -- it would go for 2X what you paid, easy. That piece is an heirloom-in-the-making, heck, it may already be near 100 years old. Hold on to it, and the bed -- awesome pieces!

  59. This entire room is gorgeous! Since I am new here and new to blogging, please help me understand how you spent $40 but I saw things listed for $125 , etc. I'm not meaning to be smug. Please help me understand.
    Thank you and again, beautiful work!

  60. Wow! What a beautiful room. Absolutely stunning. I am hosting a new link party and I would love it if you would link this up.


  61. Just stopping by to let you know you have been featured at One More Time Events. Thanks for sharing and hope you can come link up again at http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/01/share-it-one-more-time-sunday-5-2013.html
    Thanks again,

  62. Wow. My favorite is the mirror, shutters, and ledge above her dresser. Awesome job. Thank you for the inspiration.

  63. Just found your blog. This room is stunning!

  64. so pretty! what a wonderful transformation, great work! ♥

  65. Beautiful, so serene! What a lucky little girl to receive a room with so much love poured into it.

  66. This is what thrifting is all about!!! Eva's room is just charming. :)

  67. I am coming over from TT&J. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your room re-do.. : ) I came very close to buying a bed like that but mine was certainly FAR away from being $20.00, I would say you got yourself one good deal :)

  68. That is insanely gorgeous! Wow! Really amazing. Thanks for linking to Cowgirl Up! So glad to see your hard work.

  69. WOW! This is gorgeous! Love it all, especially the floor.

  70. Eva's room is adorable!! Definitely worth the wait. Love all your special touches and creativity.
    I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

  71. What an awesome makeover! Love how you scrimped and used things you had on hand to make it beautiful! That's what people did back then and that's what I still appreciate! Beautiful work!

  72. This is absolutely precious!! It isn't too "little girl". It is just right. I am working on my 11 year old's bedroom and it has been difficult to agree on design with her. ;) But I think I am about there. I love all of the special and creative things you did for art. It is so much more charming than mass-produced art. You are so creative! I am a new follower. Angie

  73. wow...you are killing me here! You totally knocked it out of the ballpark on this one. I'm in totally love & am pretty sure I'd NEVER come out of that room if it were mine.

  74. This room is gorgeous, love the wall color and all the white, it is truly serene and lovely. Hope your
    daughter really enjoys it. and so great it cost you only $40.00. It is amazing what a can of spray paint
    can do, and also moving things from room to room, and using them differently, I love doing that!!
    Blessings and thanks for sharing this lovely room,

  75. BRAVO! What an amazing job! Your creative, talented and thrifty.
    Beautifully done, so much inspiration here!

  76. That is truly incredible. Absolutely GORGEOUS! What an awesome example of what you can do with $40! I would love for you to come and link this up to my party going on right now (if you haven't already). Hope to see you there.

  77. I just love what you've done in your daughter's room! The curtain idea and the initials are too cute!
    Lovely and creative blog.

  78. it's gorgeous and it reminds me so much of my laundry room redo. same colors,,, http://camerasandchaos.blogspot.com/2011/02/laundry-room-redo.html

    i love the bed and what a find at just $20. it just goes to show that thrifting is the way to go!! great job and i'll bet she loves it!!!

    xoxo cindy

  79. Oh, my word. So very, very beautiful! Thank you for sharing all the details--that's inspiring!

    I featured you at today's Grace at Home. Thanks for linking up!

  80. OH my goodness this room is gorgeous, can I move in? I showed you off tonight!


  81. Gorgeous! The room's not too grown up, but not too sweet for her to enjoy for several years--maybe even into her teens! I love love your blog

  82. WOW, this is absolutely fabulous!! What a GORGEOUS space for a little girl!!! ♥

  83. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Visiting from the36thavenue!

  84. Eva's room just couldn't be any prettier! I love love love that you used things over and even went dumpster diving. In the past I've never been good about doing that..always head out to a store somewhere. I've become a firm believer though, that reusing and repurposing is what makes a place homey and gives character. Learning!

  85. Stunning! First I have to thank you for the sweet comments you left on my little girls rooms. So appreciated. Then I have to tell you, I saw this room on pinterest and totally drooled over every part of it. I thought to myself, "what a genius woman. We have very similar taste." Then I saw that you commented on my room and I thought - go figure! We seem to really like each other! Your house is so beautiful and full of potential and I am certainly going to follow along and see what else you come up with. Your style is unique and gorgeous and I am sure I will be inspired myself! I'm so glad I found you out there!
    Cami from tidbits

  86. Completely and utterly in love with everything that I just saw on this page.......*_*

  87. it looks great! Our upstairs floors are also white, what did you use to seal the paint? or what kind of paint did you use? thanks!

  88. What a beautiful room, so sweet! Thanks for the tour around and for your source list - I have this linked to my girls rooms post too today!

  89. what an amazing and beautiful before and after!!! LOVE IT!! sharing on FB tomorrow and pinning.
    Thanks so much for linking up to support Habitat. Hope to see you back Thursday.

  90. Great job! I love the colors of the new room. I did the same thing you did with the paint for our bathroom. We'd purchased some medium blue for our dining room (which I'm now sick of and ready to paint over) and didn't want to have to purchase more for our little bathroom. I mixed a little blue with a lot of white and came up with a soft light blue. It's so pretty!

  91. Your room is just precious!!! You did an amazing job!!



  92. Thank you for sharing! This is a beautiful work... and for the price: "BRAVO"

    Have a nice day

  93. This room is so cute! Love your Daughter of the King sign. I don't have any girls, but I love the colors you used. Thanks for sharing the brilliant idea for hanging window curtains. The house we just moved to came with lots of hooks ;) I saw you on FB a while back and just started exploring your BLOG. The boys room is great... Didn't realize your kids are fellow Go Hawks :) We used to have a four square in Waverly and I loved the character. We moved out of state this year, and started a BLOG again to share pics of the kids with family and, like you, to hold myself more accountable for home projects. Thanks so much for sharing so much about your living room... I'm loving the before and afters and reading about your process!

  94. This room is absolutely stunning! So how, almost a year later are you still liking the white floor? Contemplating painting or white-washing some floors in my house. Thank you!

  95. Absolutely in love with this makeover. Fabulous job!!!


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