Monday, January 7, 2013

Eva's Room: Getting Inspired

So, it's 11:51 am on Saturday morning and 
I'm sitting here with a 
Diet Dr. Pepper 
munching on "Chicken in a Biskit" Crackers.


I have no idea.

I don't even like "Chicken in a Biskit"  Crackers.

Probably has something to do with being too lazy 
to actually get up and get myself something to eat.

Scott and most of the kiddos (the non self-sufficient ones) 
are off snow tubing today.

During the rare times I'm left to my own devices, I eat things like...

"Chicken in a Biskit" Crackers.

And call it nourishment.

(You can put that under the heading of: 
"Things I now know - but didn't really care if I knew - about Laura")

No, this post isn't about "Chicken in a Biscuit" Crackers, 
but it seemed like a better opening than, say...

It's 11:51 am and I haven't done anything to Eva's bedroom 
short of pinning from Pinterest and buying the primer and Floor paint.


Now, in my defense, it's a Saturday, 
I had yet to plan my Sunday School lesson for 
my first morning as the Pre-K teacher  
(Thank you well pump for going out at such an opportune moment... NOT)

And I don't like starting something if I can't spend all day doing it 
and knocking it out of the park.

(There's something else you didn't know.)

For example...

Painting the two coats of primer.

(Please Lord, let it take ONLY two coats of primer!)

And #2...

Decorating and blogging has taught me 
something about myself...

I'm impatient.

Well, yes, I've ALWAYS known this about myself, 
but it has become extremely apparent since 
I've become part of the blogging community.

I kid you not, 
there is not a night that my prayers don't include, 
"Lord, please help me to be more patient."
"Lord, please forgive me for my impatience today."


Personality flaw Numero Uno.

I rush through things and make snap decisions 
that I later go, 
"Meh" about or worse, 

All because I'm in such a blasted hurry to move on 
to the next new thing.

2013 is the year of the patient me...

The more deep thinking me...

The more rational me.

The more thoughtful me.


Paint Me White

I have determined to get my ducks in a row 
and actually have a PLAN for Eva's room... 

As opposed to bursting through the doors 
wielding a paint roller like a samurai sword, 
while leaving a trail of decorating mayhem in my wake.

(You pictured that didn't you?  HA!)

I am determined to take it slow this time.

Be deliberate.

Be less... Me.

The fact is, I often get ahead of myself 
while going about "doing" a room.

And because of that - 
especially as I look back at some older pictures 
and gasp at horrendous decorating faux pas - 
I'm taking it nice and slow.

Be Different, Act Normal
Ever wonder why I seem to stick with 
furniture makeovers and crafts?

That would be it.

I recognize that I have a very hard time 
with copacetic home decorating.

Give me a can of paint, a paintbrush, 
and an ugly piece of furniture - I'm your gal.

Give me a craft I can duplicate or put a slight spin on - 
I'm right with ya.

Stick me in a room and tell me to decorate it - 
I'll start sweating and hyperventilating.

It does NOT come easy.

Not even close.

Paint Me White
And then try doing that on a budget of pennies.

Oh yeah, my heart rate went up just thinking about it.





I think I've got the plan down.

I know what inspires me.

I know the feeling I'm going for.

Now the question is...

Can I execute it?

Pinterest - Uploaded by User
We shall see.

And if I come even a smidgen close to the beautiful rooms above, then I will have accomplished something.

Unfortunately for Eva, 
her room might look a bit "old".

(I'll try to reign myself in.)

But I guarantee, 
if she will have a little faith in her mother, 
she might just like it!

(Fingers crossed.)

And hopefully, as you're reading this,
I will have already commenced.

I'll check back in later!


  1. Man, are you sure we are not related...the samurai sword painting..the impatience....LORDY..we could be twins!!! Even our nourishment habits...must be the creative brain, mixed with the mom brain...we know we have to do it fast or we will forget what we were doing..LOL! I can't wait to see it..its gonna be gorgeous!! Patience my young patawan learner...(acting like YODA here) Paint you must wait, till a plan you have.....See what happens when I get a shock to the system like having to find my alarm clock at the butt crack of dawn..LOL!! Have a great Monday girl...can't wait to see what you do!!!!

  2. Well, it is Monday, so what is the update? Did you finish off those crackers? Get the primer on? Do tell ;)

  3. All the inspirational photos are beautiful, can't wait to see what you come up with:)

  4. Oh! If Eva's room looks anything like the pics you have posted form Pinterest - she will love it! Now get started, Mommy. I AM IMPATIENT about seeing the finished room! : )

  5. You off to a great start! Look at that inspiration! I am planning to do my daughters room too! Nope have not started yet.Trying to catch up on other things.But hoping to start by next week.


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