Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eva's Antique Bed {Keeping It Real}

Eva's room didn't come together easily.

{You can see the full reveal with before & after pics HERE.}

There were definitely some ummmmm...  less than stellar moments.

Since I've made a promise to keep it really real here 
on the good old blog, I thought I'd share the story about Eva's bed.

{Also known as a piece of junk and other names 
that I was muttering under my breath .}

Last July, I came across what would soon turn into Eva's bed.

$20.00  HOLLA!

Were people at the auction blind or what?

I could not believe I didn't get into a bidding war 
with someone over this beauty!

Guess they didn't see what I saw.


She got a couple of coats of La Craie Magnolia...

{You can buy La Craie paint & products 
from Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage right HERE.}

And an application of La Craie Antiquing Wax in Amber.  

It really gives it a nice rich feeling, almost a creamy glow.


I loved how the bed was solid oak and had sideboards.

Too Cool!

Initially we bought it to re-do and sell, 
but I just couldn't part with it.

The more I looked at it, 
the more I knew it HAD to go into Eva's room.


So, take a good look at the sideboards, in the picture above.

If you look closely, you'll see that the bottom is flat 
and the center of the top is flat and flares up on each end.

Way neat!

Unfortunately, I didn't pay very close attention to how the bed was put together at the auction, I mean, that's what Scott's for, right?

Well, last week Scott's back decided to do it's annual seize up 
and he was walking around like an old man, while making 
the grunts and groans of an aged dog with bad hips.

I felt sorry for him.

I really did.

But it was also bad timing 
(When is there a good time for your back to go out, right?)
since I needed his help to do things for me...

You know, like, help me put the bed together.

Well, even I'm not mean enough to expect him 
to work through that kind of pain, 
just to get a bed put up.

And I'm a woman of the 21st century!

We can do ANYTHING!

{Except, it turns out...  Know how to put a bed together.}

So, I enlist the help Noah (10) and Eva (8) to help me.  

Even Landon (5) came in to help.



The sideboard hooks wouldn't fit into the slots 
that were on the headboard and footboard.

I figured I'd gotten a little over zealous with the paint 
and that had made the slots tight.

What's a girl to do???

Beat the headboard and footboard 
into the sideboards with a hammer, of course! 

{Here's where you picture me trying to keep the footboard upright, while holding a folded towel over the wood to protect the paint and wood, while swinging the hammer.}

{Just a little visual for you. LOL!}


With lots of sweating and grunting, that sucker was put together.

{Solid oak is HEAVY!}


An hour or so later, I was thinking about it...

I was pretty disappointed because of how the box spring 
set down into the sideboards, 
I couldn't use the 30 yards of tulle I had bought
to make a tutu bedskirt.

And then I started thinking about it more...

Shouldn't the flat part go on top, 
with the curved part on the bottom?

Oh my gosh!

I put the sideboards on upside down!

That's why they were so hard to get in!

I needed to switch sides and flip them over!


Why hadn't I at least asked Scott to WATCH 
while I put it together to make sure I was doing it right?!

Good.  Grief.

So, what did I do?

After church on Sunday, I took it apart again.

Now, you're probably looking at this picture thinking...

"Isn't the flat part still on the bottom?"

Why, yes.

Yes it is.

Why you may ask?


{Slaps self in head.}

And of course I didn't realize that until AFTER 
I had taken the entire thing apart.

Making that BEATING it apart.

With the hammer.

Holding the towel.


{And let me tell you, it didn't come apart nearly as easily 
as it was to beat it together to begin with!}

Oh my God!  SERIOUSLY?!

And the whole time, Greyson, my 14 year old, is laughing.

Well, make that SNICKERING.

And then goes downstairs and shares 
his mother's stupidity with his siblings and Dad.

And as I'm upstair remaking the bed, 
I hear them all getting a good laugh at my expense.

{There was quite a bit of howling going on, 
as I'm sure Greyson was pantomiming my actions 
while he was telling his story.}

I wouldn't blame them, I'd laugh too...

If I hadn't been the butt of the joke!


And just to rub it in, Scott asks when I come downstairs, 
"How's that bed coming, dear?"

And I respond, "You know... The only reason I keep you around 
is for stuff like this.  With that back of yours, 
I'm thinking it's about time to put you out to pasture 
and find a younger stud."


Nah...  I think I'll keep him around...

You know...

For the next time I have something to put together.


{Because Lord knows I won't be attempting it myself again.}



All's well, that ends well anyway.

The bed is up, the room is done, 
and Scott's back is feeling much better.

Just another day at Our Prairie Home!

{And there's your chuckle for the day!}


  1. Thank you for a good laugh this morning!!! My hubby often doesn't see the need for speed when I'm working on something, so rather than wait for him (for hours or days) I usually end up doing it myself. I'd hate to think how many times I've gotten in over my head but it's always worth it in the end (after my family gets done laughing at me!).

  2. Laura You and I are so much alike! I would have done that very same thing!All that work to have to do it again!Yep I have been there and done that with several times with projects!

  3. You are so funny! I give you a lot of credit for hanging in there and trying to figure it out though. I know I should push myself harder in areas like that. I just can't stop singing your praises on how beautiful Eva's room turned out. Be proud!!


  4. That's hilarious! Next time your son and husband snicker, remind them of the stereotypical man fumbling around trying to put his first child's baby crib together upside down. We've all seen it a hundred times on television, right? (And you didn't have any instructions!) I have trouble putting simple metal bed frames together, so I definitely sympathize with your experience. Your daughter's bed is gorgeous, and hopefully there to stay for a bit. :)

  5. Oh you poor lady! sorry that old bed was making you work for it but it does make for a GREAT funny story! The bed is gorgeous and so is the room. You did a wonderful job on it.

  6. Oh my word, girl!

    WELL, as difficult as it had to have been, the awesome reveal is worth it.

    That bed is so much like the one I grew up sleeping on.........that I told you about before...........the footboard was kept but they THREW AWAY the headboard.

    I get queasey thinking about it, I mean WTH?????????????? How could they?


  7. Well when Scott is ready to graze this old heifer wouldn't mind sharing her pasture with him.


  8. OMG, you are too funny. Sounds like the way things work out around here. Yep, just threaten to put him out to pasture!

  9. Her room turned out gorgeous Laura! What a lucky daughter you have. It all looks just beautiful. :)

  10. Don't be so hard on yourself--I've heard of men who cut off (i.e. altered something FOREVER!) any part didn't fit together easily! Your problem was reversible both times & without any lasting damages!

  11. I have a ten year old called Noah too!
    Funny story, sound like something I would do!

  12. Oh sweeting you are singing my song... I am with you 100%. But in the world of decorating it is DIY or it will never get done!

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke
    My home and garden site...
    My Vintage Art and Printables site...

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