Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Few More Peeks {and Some Honesty}

I thought I'd be farther along on the room than I am today.

I hem and haw.

I make up my mind.

I change it again.

And again.

And again.

I put the sideboards of the bed on upside down and
didn't realize it until WELL AFTER I had battled the mattress
and box springs into place.

{More on that later}


{Just keeping it real!}

And I lug stuff down out of the attic...

To lug it back up again.

I struggle with layering texture and color, 
knowing I need it to pull off the look I'm trying to achieve, 
but not quite sure how to get there.

This is the part of decorating I wrestle with...

How to get the image in my mind to reality.

I talk about that issue and my other personality flaws, HERE.

I am definitely not one of those bloggers who has all the answers...

Unless you want to talk to me about painting furniture.


I'm just a mom trying to give my daughter 
a beautiful space to call her own.

Nothing has been hung on the wall.

And the linens sit piled on a chair.

I'm patiently waiting to stumble upon the right combination that says,
"This is it!"

You know, the one that makes your soul sigh?

{This is a new thing, for the formerly inpatient me.
I'm actually keeping the promise to myself not to rush!  YAY!}

For now, I'm still arranging, thinking, planning, and deciding.

Hoping the next time I'll get it right.

Have patience with me?



  1. I am already loving it and I know you are gonna NAIL it!
    I have no doubt!

  2. It will come.. She will have the most beautiful place to call her own :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  3. From what I see it is coming along beautifully! Love the color on the walls!

  4. Im sure it will all come together in time, no need to rush perfection:)

  5. I am sure you will have a light bulb moment and bam it will be done.

  6. I think you are doing very well! Keep the creative juices swirling and hang in there! ;-D


  7. Yes, I know that moment when you think...I love it...but until then I keep moving and changing to get there! But can I say...can we talk furniture????
    I found a desk at a shop yesterday for $25 and I want to paint it (it is now a muddy brown)..I want it to be more shabby chic...any suggesting? Dianntha

  8. I know exactly what you mean. From what you have shown us, it looks like it will be beautiful. Because you will have created it.
    I have no idea how to decorate. I look at people's blogs and see pictures and fall in love with the picture. I look at magazines, My Romantic Home etc and fall in love with the pictures. I see something and know i love it and know this is what i want but i can't seem to achieve any of it. My place is a disaster. It has none of my vision. But i will continue to look at your blog and others and magazines and hope that someday i can achieve what you have and other women out there.

  9. So far, amazing Laura! Loving what I see :) Long time no talk. Hope things are going good for you. xoxo

  10. I think everyone struggles like that....I know I do! I have NO PROBLEM helping others figure out what to do but most of my house sits in a state of in betweenness......this color? that color? shabby chic? more french? prairie?'re SO not alone
    The little peeks look wonderful though and I can't wait to see it all!

  11. Decorating is a "journey" isn't it?? Lovely pictures...I can't wait to see the finished room!! Laurel

  12. It looks beautiful already even with those sneak peeks.That wall color is beautiful! How is she liking it?Oh I have to learn to be patient too.It is one of my many flaws!

  13. Thanks for talking about your design struggles and the hard work behind designing and styling the perfect room. It's helpful to me to know that beautiful rooms don't just tumble effortlessly out of the designer's head, especially as I rotate some small object on a tabletop vignette 15 degrees for the hundredth time. :) I'm excited to see your finished room.

  14. It looks like you have made great choices so far. Keep it up. I'll be patient for a little while longer ;)


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