Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Aqua and White Ornament

DAY 2 of Ornaments!


This one is definitely a favorite.

One word:  Aqua

For the non-traditional
an aqua and white color scheme 
is breath-taking in its simplicity.

For this ornament, 
I placed a bleached bottle brush tree inside the ornament.

(Don't ask how.  Tedious.  And may have had me muttering a few words.)


Faux snow...

A few pearl beads...

Sprinkled inside.

(That part was a snap.)


I love the contrast between the off-white of the bottle brush 
and the pure white of the faux snow.

I wrapped a light aqua ribbon around the ornament topper and glued on a bow of the same color.

The bow is embellished with a simple white button.

To hang the ornament, I attached a loop of white crocheted lace.

So cute!

And I am super digging the aqua and white!

How about you?

Do you like more traditional colors of Christmas
or do you like to change it up a bit?

Dream Big,


  1. love the colors and can't believe you got that tree in the ornament....It looks gorgeous...but I know I would have been dropping some profanity big TIME!! LOL!
    I love the colors...I wonder what your mantle colors are gonna be....hee hee :)

  2. This is sooo beautiful, I want it! My sitting room is done in aqua and white. It is my favorite color combo! Beautiful job. And the tree looks very hard to fit inside the ornament! I would be saying some bad words too, lol.

  3. I love the aqua and white. Such beautiful and classy colors together. I actually used those same colors on my tree last year along with old black and white family photos clipped to the branches. Probably my favorite tree ever.

    You certainly made a beautiful ornament.

  4. B.E.A.UUUUUtiful. :)

    I just finished some along the same lines as the ones you showed us yesterday - but very different too. LOL.

  5. So pretty and dainty looking. Beautiful displayed also:)

  6. I love your ornament!! The colors are beautiful. That little tree is so cute! I would not have guessed it was a bottle brush. Brilliant!! Have a wonderful day. ~ Jamie
    P.S. I'm so glad to see you're back to blogging. Thanks again for the blog posts about beautifying your blog. I'm loving my buttons! :)

  7. Soooo beautiful. Love the aqua and the white.

  8. Wow! This is Beautiful. Love the aqua and white!

  9. Very soft and pretty! What are you using for the "snow"?


  10. Amazing and Beautiful!! Love it :)

  11. Love the ornament...so pretty!! My daughter has decided to do aqua and white this year in her Christmas decorating.

  12. It's beautiful and so elegant! I love most every color.

  13. Oh my goodness, Laura! That is one of the most beautiful ornaments I have ever seen! So sweet!


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